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  1. dept counselling

    With "force" I mean more "convince", I know that she has to go there by itself.    Maybe anybody has already experience with a Ehrenamtliche Schuldnerberatung because I don't know where I can ask:)
  2. Hey, maybe an AuPair would be great for you! You can search on aupairworld it's a very nice platform, but I#m not sure if it's for free for the families. AuPairs are a good possibility if you want to grow your child bilingual bc you can take a native speaker:)
  3. Coronavirus

    Yeah it is very dangerous but to lock oneself in the house is no possibility for the most ppl?
  4. dept counselling

    Hey everybody, my sister is in insolvency now and she needs help. I told her that she can go to a Ehrenamtliche Schuldnerberatung (, it’s for free and not-binding, so like more voluntarily. But she doesn’t recognize that she needs help and thinks she’ll make it by her own. How can I help her? Should I make an appointment there and force her to go there? I would be very grateful for your help!!
  5. What made you smile today?

    There was a woman giving a beggar two sandwiches. He smiled at her like it was the best thing he ever saw. This made me happy:)
  6. Coronavirus

    I think seling oneself off isn't the only way to protect yourself from Corona. When you feel fit and you have a normal immune system it must be enough to wash your hands frequently and avoid masses of people. Even if there was somebody with Corona sitting next to you in the train it's not certain that you get infected.
  7. speed camera app

    I can absolutely understand that the state prohibits it because they want people to pay. But why is it legal in the radio??
  8. Bundesliga - Does anybody really care?

    Yes many people care about Bundesliga, at Bundesliga time I always hear "we have to go home now, it's Bundesliga" 
  9. Appropriate clothing for winter

    Kinda funny to ask in a forum what the weather is ahah
  10. speed camera app

    Hey, a freind of mine from Italy told me that he uses speed camera apps, they warn you of speed cameras in advance and he was very impressed of it. Now I wanted to install an app like that too but I read here that it’s forbidden to use them in Germany. Is that correct? And if so why is it forbidden?
  11. Superbowl 2020

    Too bad I missed it:(   But every tuesday the ticket price is only 6€
  12. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    Maybe it's better for you to go to a big office or an institution, I#m sure there's an therapist speaking english too.    
  13. Visiting Berlin for the first time in March

    Theres the very famous club called Matrix and also Sisyphos. The best Berlin vibes you can feel in Kreuzberg in my opinion. You can visit the Mauerpark on a sunday or eat sth in Thai Park, that's very nice.    
  14. speeding fine in Germany

    Can't be much money when he wasn't racing. Wait for the fine notice:)