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  1. Hi all, I am making a youtube video and I don´t want it taken down due to copyright which seems to be happening to alot of people lately due to the music they use, I read here  that 70 years after the musician is dead you can use the music without it being copyrighted, is there any other exceptions or ways to use newer music without it being copyrighted? 


  2. I never implied the quality was poor, I have been a memeber for nearly a year now and am very satisfied with the gym services and facilities, I am simply saying I would prefer not to be paying my membership when I am currently not even in Germany and don´t know when I will be able to return


  3. On 9.4.2020, 20:56:16, dessa_dangerous said:

    here is what I found on their site,



    the last sentence says that at the end of your original contract period, they will compensate you for the time they were corona-closed.  So for example, if they stay corona-closed for a total of three months, and your contract ends in September, you'll get to work out until December without having to pay.  So if that's the reason for the pause, there's no need.


    Apart from that--for example if you just want to know if you can pause it whenever because you're not in town or something--as far as I know, gym contracts in Germany are about as blood-sucking as phone contracts.  You can get out of your contract early if you can prove you are moving out of the country, like, with papers and stuff, other than that, you're stuck til the end.  I've not heard of anyone successfully just putting their gym membership on ice for a few months while they backpack around Vietnam, it's Not Really Done.

    ah ok this is very helpful thank you ! :) 


  4. Hey Toni, I think this is a great idea in more rural areas but in Berlin city itself I don´t see the concept taking off. As you said the public transport is so good it would make more sense to utilise that service. However in small towns where there isn´t as much public transport I definitely think it would be used. 


  5. 21 minutes ago, onemark said:

    I happily stand to be corrected but I thought "Mobbing" (bullying) was already a criminal offence in Germany.

    No ´mobbing´ itself is npt considered a criminal offence. 


    4 hours ago, AlexTr said:

    Apparently, online bullying is already a federal crime in the US.



    I'm waiting for someone to say it was just a bit of banter, for example, one of the snowflakes who cries bullying when the things they do get done to them.

    Wow go America I definitely think online bullying should be illegal. If someone is getting bullied online there is literally no escape not even in the safety of their own home.