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  1. speeding fine in Germany

    Hi, My dad got caught speeding for the second time this month. Pretty sure the speed camera must have been calobrated wrong though because I was in the car with him and he was driving like a snail. I´ve heard that is´s common enough to fight speeding fines in Germany (this isnt the case in Ireland). Anyone have any experience with . Or have any other suggestions of services i could use to help me. Many thanks  
  2. Diet Culture Rant

    Hahahha very true. Its all about a lifestyle with a balance of both good and bad anyway. Counting calories or cutting out food groups will never work long term!
  3. how to make a good password

    Thanks for the suggestions. I might try changing the password of my email and see if that helps. 
  4. how to make a good password

    Hi guys, for about a year now every few weeks I get a notification from netflix saying my account has been hacked. In response to this I change my password to get the hacker out of my account. No matter what I set my password to however the hacker seems to be able to get back in. I know that the passwords I am setting arent the problem I have followed every guideline on . Does anyone know how this hacker seems to always be able to get into my account? Or is it even always the same hacker? Has this happened to anyone else? All helpful responses would be greatly appreciated. I am getting very frustrated with the situation. 
  5. A good substitute to eggs

    Hi recently trying out veganism and just wondering if anyone knows any food that serves as a good substitute to eggs?
  6. loans

    Hi I have a loan in Germany as I recently purchased an apartment in Berlin. However I have found a bank that offers a better interest rate, so I was thinking of taking out a loan at that bank and paying back my current loan with that money. I was reading about the charges a bank can add on . Does anyone have any experience with these charges?
  7. Coffee or Tea?

    love a good coffee...what actually is the difference between a latte and a latte machiata?   Also nothing better than a cup of breakfast tea with milk, so i would say that im tied between milk and coffee. 
  8. English speaking Steuerberater in Berlin

    Are you going to be taking on German clients aswell? A really good website to get the basics on german tax is  in case you were looking  
  9. Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung Price

    I didn´t think you had to pay for that, when I was renting for the first time in Berlin I found some useful info on  maybe you´ll find what your looking for there.