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  1. Music Copyright

    Hi all, I am making a youtube video and I don´t want it taken down due to copyright which seems to be happening to alot of people lately due to the music they use, I read here  that 70 years after the musician is dead you can use the music without it being copyrighted, is there any other exceptions or ways to use newer music without it being copyrighted? 
  2. Coronavirus

      The person who discovers a vaccine will be a billionaire that is certain
  3. Coronavirus

      Only  time will tell who took the right approach
  4. Coronavirus

    I hope you´re right !
  5. Coronavirus

    True most countries are taking a better safe than sorry approach which is definitely appreciated by most citizens as at the end of the day nothing is more important than life. I still do think though if no developements are made in medicine for the virus, countries will have no choice but to open economies 
  6. Coronavirus

    Also in regards to Sweden trusting their own people to social distance themselves with out putting in strict lock down regualtions it probably is working just aswell as countrys who have imposed lock downs. I know in the case of Ireland where we are currently under lock down there are people who are still irresponsibly meeting up with their friends. Plus because this is our 6th week of lock down people are starting to grow tired of it and resent the rules and are beginning to break them. It is clear that the death rate in Sweden is higher this is probably due to schools etc being open but I think it is inevitable that the death rate will rise in countrys if they want to reach a sustainable approach which is the safest it can be for all levels of society, we cant forget about homeless people and familys on very low income that are suffering greatly at this time. 
  7. Coronavirus

    When countrys reopen their borders, regardless of where your from they will be strict letting people in. Without a valid reason i.e you are a resident, for business purposes or eductional purposes, I doubt people will be able to freely travel for some time
  8. Coronavirus  , Swedens aproach to the virus is most viable in the long term, all countrys must come out of lockdown eventually and will probably end up taking on a similar model to what Sweden is doing right now 
  9. Coronavirus

    A politcian thinking that! hahaha embarassing mistake 
  10. Coronavirus

    Hahaha thank you 
  11. Coronavirus

    Should I know who George Conway is 
  12. Coronavirus

    who is Kellyanne Conway? 
  13. Coronavirus

    One of my friends children asked them if they had to stay inside for the other Covids, ie he thought there was a Covid 1-18 because of the name 
  14. Reducing points on licence

    I wanted to ask if anyone here has ever reduced their points in Flensburg. I read on the Internet   ( ) that you can reduce one point at a time with a driving aptitude seminar. Does that cost anything?
  15. SOS-vekehrsrecht

    Has anyone tryed out , the last time I was in Germany I received points and a fine for speeding but I think the speed camera must have been wrong.