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  1. Thank you @kiplette that's a revelation, and I'll give it a shot. @engelchenyes, if a waveguide cover fails, then I'll go looking. Thanks y'all! 
  2. @GoBikethank you for identifying the part- I now have much more clarity in terms of what to look for! @fraufruit yup, I saw that  Many thanks!  But after having checked all of these helpful leads, I came to the sad conclusion that it's very likely more than a waveguide cover issue- because there are folks talking about running microwaves w/o it as well- not recommended, but possible apparently. But my machine still won't come on. So clearly my problem (and misery) is greater. Could you please think if you know of a cheap repair shop? I could even lug the 11 kg thing there. It's a fairly cheap one - Koenic, it's just that I leave in two months max and if it can be fixed for half the price, I'd still think it a bargain. 
  3. Hello kind folks,  I did the genius thing of putting an egg into the microwave oven- and sure enough, at some point it exploded. The fuse tripped for that section, but that was easily restored. but in the process, the exploding egg managed to crack a part inside (the cover shielding the magnetron??) and now the microwave won't come on. Problem is, this belongs to the landlord and obviously I either need to get this back to working condition or replace it. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to paying up my stupidity tax. Please help with the following: 1. Is there an inexpensive/reasonable repair person and/or a shop- recommendations with prices will be highly appreciated,  2. Is it common to get microwave ovens repaired or is it more sensible to junk this one and buy a new one?    Thanks much!