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  1. Kronberg - Life and Education

  2. Kronberg - Life and Education

    Thank you so much for your reply!!.. I will explore as you suggested.  Do you know by any chance a public school who has importance in English too!.
  3. Kronberg - Life and Education

    Dear All,   I will be moving to Frankfurt recently and more precisely in Kronberg for the Job but would like to know which location would be better for living. I don't mind travelling but of course using the public transport. For the kid, also need to find a school nearby the place where I will be living So, location is very important for me as I heard school should near to the home as per the German rule. Is there any english medium gymnasium schule available? Any suggestion from your end which school should we target for?Please suggest.   regards, SG
  4. Gymnasium Schools in the Frankfurt Taunus area...

    Hi @JessTK, Can I have some details please?