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  1. Help, being threatened with eviction

    Thanks for the insight, I have sent an email and booked an appointment with the mieterverein office in Freiberg, hopefully there will be some good news, meanwhile, the person responsible for our building wasnt at the office today, the told me to comeback Monday to meet with him and clarify everything! 
  2. Help, being threatened with eviction

    well the letter that was received was destined to the three of us Mr. X- Ms. Y and me. Ms Y isnt in this conundrum, becaue she paid all her bills.
  3. Help, being threatened with eviction

    I wasnt informed, I was supposed to be back to my room at July 3rd. 
  4. Help, being threatened with eviction

    Well, most of the building tenants are students that failed to get a room at the campus. Our flat has three contracts, each individual tenant is renting a room; bedroom, the other units, livingroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, storage, are shared amongst us. Each one of us has to pay rent directly with his name mentionned on the description section of the payment bill, to the beneficienary bank account of UIS. 
  5. Help, being threatened with eviction

    the names are mine and the other subletors, Mr X -who is out of job since November he said, and Ms Y. the house has 3 bedrooms and a living
  6. Help, being threatened with eviction

    P.S. I dont have enough money in my account to make the full payment of the rent, thats why I have subletted the room. I cant tell them that another person was subletting the room from me, because when I went there to ask for transfer docs for a determined period they said they dont have them, ergo me not signing a document with the subletor. I know I am not going to have the money bck from the person who subleted the room from me, also I dont want to lose it because it is close to the uni, work place and gf. What are your opinions? do they have the power to throw me out of the apartment without court order?
  7. Hello everyone, I opened the mailbox today to find a letter from our landlord, UIS, informing us that unless we pay rent before 30/July we will be thrown out. Do they have the power to throw us out? I  was subletting my furnished room to another person while away on internship. I didnt know he, nor the other roommate werent paying. So do they have a legal basis to throw me out I have attached the letter to this post.   Address - 09599 Freiberg Androhung fristose Kündigung  Sehr geehrte Wohngeneinschaft, bei der Überprofung des Mietkontos haben wir festgestellt, dass Sie die Mietzahlung für die Monate Januar bis Juni 2021 nicht vollstandig geleistet haben. Trotz unserer Mahnung vom 04.06.2020 haben Sie keinerlei Zahlungen vorgenommen Ein Recht Miete einzubehallen oder zurückzubehalten wurde von Ihnen nicht behauptet und steht Ihnen auch nicht zu. Bei den offenen Mietzahlungen handelt es sich um den Mietanteil von Hern X und Herm X. Da Sie für die Mietezahlung gesamtschuldnerisch haften, fordern wir Sie im Namen des Wohnungseigentümers daher eindringlich auf, den nunmehr offenen Betrag in Hohe von 3.649,77 € welcher sich wie folgt ergibt:  Nachzahlung BK 2019,  Miete Januar 2021  Miete Februar 2021  Miete Marz 2021  Miete April 2021  Miete Mai 2021  Miete Juni 2021  Miete Jul 2021  gezahit Gesamtrückstand 3.649.77 bis zum 29.07.2021 auf das Konto/IBAN: DE X, BIC: GENODEF1DL1 bei der VR Bank Mittelsachsen eG auszugleichen Solten Sie Ihrer Zahlungspflicht bis zu diesem Termin erneut nicht nachkommen, kündigen wir thnen die Wohnung fristios zu 31.07.2021. Für die Übergabe der Wohnung haben wir uns den 30.07.2021 um 14.00 Uhr vorgemerkt.