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  1. Hello everyone, looking for advice/suggestions.  I am pretty much confused. I have got three job offers: One in Baden Baden, one in Mannheim and one in München. Considering I have only been to München, I can understand a bit how it would be like living there. Also, I have heard it is pretty much expensive. What I have heard about Baden Baden from friends is that it is pretty lush, with a lot of spas and a lot of nature. I have never been to Mannheim but heard it is an industrial city.  Do you guys have any suggestions about which place would be good to go for? I live alone, and want to live in a one Zimmer Wohnung if possible. But apart from that, is in pretty much deep water in case of making a choice. Any suggestion/recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Vielen Dank im Voraus.
  2. I answered here to the poster who was asking me something, please follow the whole chain. :/
  3. @gdc because that guy was asking about this,   1) women's equality to men 2) right for a Muslim women to leave Islam or marry a non Muslim 3) our right to make fun of Mohammed and Allah 4) law of men over law of god     That's why I said, he shouldn't say things, he has no information about lol. Cause there are no issues if a Muslim woman wants to get a divorce and get married to someone else. There is in fact the cleanest description of it in the Qur'an which states , divorce the women and give them the dowry they deserve. Rather adultery has been scorned. If someone does not want to stay married to their spouses it is totally okay to divorce and get remarried. That'S what Qur'an says.  Quoting your own words, 'A few Mexican females have been assaulted in Germany because they were not wearing a burka and were confused as 'Muslims', thanks to having a certain melanin concentration in their skin. Is that respectful to you?'--- In regards to what you said here, I answered that I do not speak for all Muslims in the world. you are mixing up two different topics. If you are about positive debates or discussions I am all for it. But it seems like you keep forgetting your own words. :S And now I get to know that you are quoting Muslims as feral humans. I think I would prefer to leave this discussion now.
  4.   And why, should I speak for all Muslims when not all of them are making blunders? If some so-called terrorists (using the name of Islam) harassing or attacking some Mexicans, I do not understand why should I take responsibility for them?  That's also the problem, people blame the religion or the whole community just because there are terrorism happening. What about the mosque shooting incident in Christchurch when so many Muslims died? Do I say, oh one Christian did it so it is the fault of all the Christians? No, I don't. Also, there are muslims who do not follow Islam, there are liberal Muslims also there are real Muslims, who do follow the religion properly. But, I 'don't' say we as muslims are perfect, rather I say, it is God who is perfect who created us. My point being, when some of the Muslims are at wrong, the blame goes to the humans, not to God, or to the religion. It's us humans who are to blame. So that's why nope, I would 'not speak for all the Muslims in the world'. Because not all of them are doing it right. I think there is a huge difference between the religion itself and the followers. Cause, you would find many people who are not adhering to it. But also, there are real Muslims who are doing it right. The terrorists, or the attacks that you see, I would say, before even relating them to religion, they do not deserve to be called human. They lack even human empathy, otherwise they would not hurt or kill people.  Same goes for all other incidents like in Christchurch or in London or in Guantanamo Prison. And if mocking Islam gives you (or whoever) happiness, do it, by all means! We can also see, where it ends. I am amused by the all talks. Carry on! And have your peace of mind.  
  5.   It just says how you know nothing about the culture of Muslims. Please do not say stuff, that you have no information about. At least we or (some of us muslim) speaks in the first place with some basic infos on christians/buddhists/ hindus beforehand. At least, I do not want to disrespect a religion when I'm talking to someone nonmuslim.  There is not any issue if a Muslim woman wants to leave Islam or marry a nonmuslim.  Why you should make fun of Mohammad or Allah? Why making fun is the first thing coming to mind?  Sounds like all you can think of is how to stir the water, in a bad way lol.