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  1. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    There are so many possibilities...  I had a friend that shipped his skis when he went to study in Austria and after his studies finished he shipped them back home. If you are looking to really buy skis and want to buy them from a rental shop I would advise the following. Test the skis at different rental shops (don't go with your first option). Once you liked some skis keep them in mind and after testing more, come back to the ones you liked the most. I did it like that and ended up buying them at Sport 2000. But what works for me, might not work for you... I'm quite happy, but it was a long process before deciding which ones to buy... Also keep in mind your level of expertise, because maybe you will rent not so good equipment as it is cheaper. You want something to last for a long time, so be careful... Hope it helped
  2. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

      I think that is the worst problem of learning how to ski... those tracks which are so short and you just can't get the rhythm... And I would also add the lifts... at the beginning they could be quite tricky...
  3. Visiting Berlin for the first time in March

    Thank you for the suggestion. What type of music is it?
  4. Coffee or Tea?

      Would it have the same effect? I am not usually tired, just like once a week (normally thursdays or fridays) so I just need the little boost... wish I could have a power nap, unfortunately not possible ahaha
  5. Hey,    I haven't been in Berlin for a long time, so I can't really remember the city that well. Going to visit it for 4 days in March. What would you recommend to do? Besides the touristic attractions, I'm also looking for some tips to get the typical vibe etc. Clubs to go party are also welcome (Looking for something like techno, edm and similar).    Danke
  6. Coffee or Tea?

    Hey guys,    Question regarding this topic... I don't like coffee at all, and my tea consumption is very limited to black tea (or earl grey). During work I sometimes get a bit tired, but tea doesn't have a big impact... what would you suggest to drink and "wake up"?
  7. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    Hey,    Maybe to late, but might still help.  I was last year in Salzburg as a student and I went skiing a lot when I was there. I went mostly to areas in Austria, but i was also 2 times in Garmisch. Now by this time, last year the weather was a lot better to go skiing but I think you will still get some snow, or who knows snow machines will be working. But Garmisch is a nice place and you could have a lot of fun. The first time I was there, was whit my brother (he lives in Munich, so i was visiting him). The second time with my family. Both times we were more relaxed skiing, so if you are a relaxed skier it will suit you for sure. I also rented my equipment at the beginning, as i didn't have my own... Now I have my equipment as it is better, specially since i go skiing a lot during the winter. Boots I bought at one of those big shops and skis I bought from a rental shop around February, before leaving Austria.