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  1. bvg fine

    Firstly, I am a huge supporter of public transport. When the Pandemic came about, I didn't cancel my BVG ticket Partly because of laziness I admit, but also because I come from a city (Dublin) where the public transport and availability is somewhat sub-standard. I appreciate good public transport and see it as an extra tax, essentially. So from March 2020-January 2022, I basically was paying 60 euro a month or so for barely ever using public transport (working from home, not socializing as much, and also the fact I spent 6 months during this period in my home country). I cancelled my card in January, and I guess I took a bit of a casual attitude towards public transport on the justification that I was paying them a huge sum every month for the past 2 years without ever really using their service. Therefore I don't have a huge amount of shame admitting for the past 2 months I was using their service without paying. But yes, it has come back to bite me. I was fined 12 days ago, and I just got fined again today. My concern is that even though I have paid both fines straight away, have I snookered myself? Can BVG press criminal charges for 2 offences over such a short space of time, even if paid straight away? My only fine prior to this was in August 2018 when I first came to Berlin. Lesson learned for my stupidity (I prefer the term stupidity than selfishness, since as mentioned, I was paying them a monthly fee for the past 2 years without using their service regularly) but I'm obviously aware if I get caught again I'm in trouble for sure... if not already.
  2. Not a Telecomms Question, but I couldn't find a suitable forum for this question.   Basically, I  moved into my new apartment on September 15th 2021. I missed the handover protocol with the landlord. I did receive the handover document and the keys on the day I moved in, it doesn't seem to say it on the handover document. I have not been able to identify the correct meter number for my apartment - there were two ones and I was fully sure either of them was mine, but turns out they might not be correct. Ostrom, the provider I'm trying to sign up with, have asked for me to confirm with property management and my landlord. I have contacted the Property Management, asking for either them or the landlord to confirm the meter grid number. The part I'm concerned is if the Property Management or the Landlord will start asking why I haven't set up an electricity contract yet? It's 6 months after all. Basically, I was very busy for the first 2 months of moving in, and since then I have been playing guess work with the meter number essentially. Just curious what the consequences will be, how I can play this smoothly to not annoy the lanldord/property management or for them to not see it as a red flag. Thanks.