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  1. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    Thank you all for the tips! I will for sure take a good look at everything before making a decision. Will see if it is possible to test various skis and also going to inform better on the shops and rentals about which skis suit me better. Really looking forward to get to munich and start studying and skiing there. Has it been snowing recently?
  2. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

      Thank you for your help. Yeah, if I end up buying them I will ship them back home. Hope the company are careful with them, as sometimes things can be broken etc.
  3. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    Thank you so much for the suggestion. Will definitely take a look at the resort. Thank you so much for the help.  Yeah I understand, I also avoid packed crowds. In Spain I usually go during the week as there aren't that many people. But this year snow also has been missing, so I couldn't go that many times...
  4. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    Clothes I already have and boots as well. Only concern is skis itself... looking to upgrade them
  5. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

      Boots I already have! Going to take mine from spain as they still fit and are quite comfortable... I'm worried only with the skis, as I haven't rented equipment for a long time now...
  6. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

      Worth a try for sure... but maybe organize for a longer stay and with more people right?  My idea of being so close to Garmisch is I can always grab someone and spontaneously go there without any restrictions... Driving or taking transports for 5 hours would require for us to stay, and I'm kinda scared the prices might be to high
  7. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    Got it! Thank you for the suggestion. When I bought my old ones, they were also from a rental shop and quite good (can't remember at what time of the year they were from, but was actually quite happy). Would you suggest any particular shop for example...
  8. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    What do you mean by iffy?   When would be the best time to buy them? March?
  9. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    I'm also not going to take my skis with me (kinda old) and only my boots. Are rental places good and can I for example rent the skis and if I like them buy them afterwards, if I like them (looking to upgrade my actual ones)?
  10. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    Wouldn't say I'm the typical guys that go speeding down the mountains... I enjoy my time and do everything at my pace, without putting anyone at danger...
  11. New skier in Munich - Garmisch

    Hello everyone,    Thank you for the replies. I am going to be new in Munich and not at skiing. I have already skied before, but only in Spain (sierra Nevada and Andorra). Also heard that in Austria mountains are amazing, what would be the best way to get to some from Munich?   Thank you again
  12. Hello everyone,    I am a student from Spain that is going to do Erasmus in Munich (will arrive in 2 weeks). I know classes start here a bit later, but I decided to come earlier to go skiing and enjoy the free time. I have been in Munich for vacations, but always in the summer, so I need to get used to the winter here. I haven't seen the weather in Garmisch, but in Munich there was still no snow, so I'm worried there is no snow in the mountains... How was the snow until now there? Or is there some website you could recommend watching the weather conditions. Also, what do you think about this ski region? Is it good, or should I try some others?   Appreciate the answers.    Kind regards