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  1. DHL is trying to charge me for a failed delivery

    I followed all the rules required by DHL regarding the address; the UK delivery driver simply failed to do their job.   In summary, I have paid the money.  My German colleague called the Verbraucherzentrale office in Munich (https://www.verbraucherzentrale-bayern.de/beratungsstellen/muenchen) to ask for advice.  As soon as they heard the complaint was regarding DHL, they gave us a pay-per-minute "helpline" for DHL.  Not much use.     Lesson learnt.  Avoid DHL at all costs for UK parcels, unless your package is a perfect, small rectangle that can be accepted by Royal Mail.
  2. So, I received the letter linked below on Thursday from DHL.   The story is:   In the beginning of Dec I posted my mum and brother an advent calendar each, to my mum's place of work in the UK (staffed daily from 0830 - 1700) The DHL website claimed they tried to deliver the parcels three times Neither parcel was delivered by DHL, nor was a delivery slip left.  The second and third supposed delivery times and dates the office was staffed. I phoned the helpline, my mum phoned the helpline - no help, only an automated message My mum phoned the depot - no help, as she had no delivery slip I sent an online report/complaint on the DHL website complaining; no response I Tweeted DHL UK, they told me they can only see what I can see on the DHL website, then told me to complain in Germany, as that’s where I sent the parcels from A month later, mid January, the two parcels arrived back at my flat in Munich.  The delivery driver wanted €10 each for unexplained reasons (language barrier).  My partner was home alone and, not understanding, told him we didn't want them back for €20. Now I receive the attached letters, one for each parcel, demanding more money!   What should I do?  What are my options?  They never tried to deliver the parcels, and now they want me to pay a ridiculous amount of money to take them back!   My instinct is not to pay.  What will happen?   Letter page 1: https://i.imgur.com/GithEYR.jpg Letter page 2: https://i.imgur.com/BnCXtsI.jpg