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  1. Does anyone know how to keep and update an IsarCardAbo when changing employer?  My card is valid until October, but I'm swapping employer in April.  My new employer also offers public transport discount, but I can't find info on the MVV or DB website on how to change employer details.   Also, is the IsarCardAbo immediately void once you've left your current employer, or does MVV/DB not care about this as long as you've paid?
  2. Animals in roof/ceiling

    Thanks for all the advice and answers!  Sadly, we have no access to the loft/attic, so will contact the landlord again and see what happens.  I think they must be mice or squirrels - not pebble football yet, but a lot of chasing and hopping (sounds like).
  3. Animals in roof/ceiling

    We live in a top floor flat, and have animals in our ceiling.  They were there last winter, and we assumed it was normal winter behaviour (common enough in the UK).  However, this year they seem to have gotten further into the building, and are running around in ceiling above our kitchen and below our bedroom and even in the wall spaces.   We informed the landlord of this last winter and the problem seemed to go away after they sent someone round (poison, I guess?). However, the animals came back after some time, and now it seems to be worse than it was last year. They are very loud, and often wake us up at night. We're worried they might cause damage to plumbing or wiring or even get into the flat itself.   Is this normal for a flat in an old building? Whose responsibility is this?
  4. I recently bought a new phone, so I'd like to give my old one to my dad.   The problem is that he lives in the UK and I live in Germany, and I'm worried about import duty. I actually bought the phone when I still lived in the UK (about 4 years ago), so I have already paid UK VAT on it... but I expect that doesn't count for much in the eyes of the customs officials, should they decide to get involved.   Anyway, my question is... If I post the phone to my dad in the UK (after Brexit), would I or my dad have to pay import duty on it? If so, how can I avoid that?   As far as I can tell, there is a limit on the value of duty-free imports of gifts (£45?)... but how do you value an old phone? It seems rather ridiculous that I would have to pay to gift an old phone to a family member in the UK, which was originally bought in the UK anyway.
  5. So, I received the letter linked below on Thursday from DHL.   The story is:   In the beginning of Dec I posted my mum and brother an advent calendar each, to my mum's place of work in the UK (staffed daily from 0830 - 1700) The DHL website claimed they tried to deliver the parcels three times Neither parcel was delivered by DHL, nor was a delivery slip left.  The second and third supposed delivery times and dates the office was staffed. I phoned the helpline, my mum phoned the helpline - no help, only an automated message My mum phoned the depot - no help, as she had no delivery slip I sent an online report/complaint on the DHL website complaining; no response I Tweeted DHL UK, they told me they can only see what I can see on the DHL website, then told me to complain in Germany, as that’s where I sent the parcels from A month later, mid January, the two parcels arrived back at my flat in Munich.  The delivery driver wanted €10 each for unexplained reasons (language barrier).  My partner was home alone and, not understanding, told him we didn't want them back for €20. Now I receive the attached letters, one for each parcel, demanding more money!   What should I do?  What are my options?  They never tried to deliver the parcels, and now they want me to pay a ridiculous amount of money to take them back!   My instinct is not to pay.  What will happen?   Letter page 1: https://i.imgur.com/GithEYR.jpg Letter page 2: https://i.imgur.com/BnCXtsI.jpg