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  1. Americans?

    Howdy Pig 100% American. [ Irish/ German/ Czech] 
  2. Americans?

  3. Americans?

    No problem with other English speakers (Irish, English, Australian, etc) they're just not hard to find Thank you for the links, I will check them out.
  4. Americans?

    Toytown says there are around 4,000 U.S. citizens resident in Munich, or 0.3% of the city's population. Where is everybody?   I guess there was an "Americans in Munich" drinks night, but the link no longer works.   "The Arc" (American Sports Bar) is now closed...   I did find Champions..will look.    For a long time, if I was out in another country I really would not want to run into, meet, or hang out with other Americans. If I'm honest, it's still a rule of thumb because American tourists are typically very annoying. Am wondering if this is rule of thumb for others... I've been in and out of Munich for the past 5 years (lived one year before; subsequent visits) and never sought other Americans, I never met anyone else from the US who lived here. Only visitors+people on short business.   This time around I have been here a month, I've met one American who came here for work and was also interested in hanging out with others from the US. Another one I met had lived here for years and did not seem interested at all to engage beyond the event where we were. Which, I understand. This supports the rule of thumb theory though. 50/50 so far..   Maybe it's because I'm getting older. Just find myself wanting to hang and talk with people who understand the brand of humor, regional jokes, how it is adjusting here, I don't have to slow down my English, etc..   Any Americans left here on TT? Is it worth pitching some sort of US meetup? Or should I just go to a TT meetup?   Thanks all,   ~Chicadee