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  1.   would you make available your reasons and arguments and maybe share the paralegal‘s info?    I know this is going to be my only hope.. because the Beamte here don’t even know the laws. They justify doing nothing with “it’s always been like that.”   thanks for your help!
  2. Thank you!   Why do you say 3 years is too early? The StAR-VwV clearly states:  “Zu § 9 Einbürgerung von Ehegatten Deutscher   Erforderlich ist in der Regel ein Aufenthalt im Inland von drei Jahren.”   StAR-VwV   Seeing that I have to sign the form, ultimately signing that I am willing to give up my citizenship upon request, I don’t see how I can hand in my application since I am clearly not willing to fulfill this requirement. I have emailed them about it but they just sent a standard response to come by during their office hours which is basically impossible given that I am working full-time.   Thanks again
  3. Here’s the excerpt from the form:   Hamburg Form p. 7
  4. I’ve been through this whole thread and probably every court decision pertaining the dual citizenship situation (I have access to Beck Online and Juris) but couldn’t find an answer.   Maybe one of you know the answer or have experience:   Can you apply prior to fulfilling a requirement in an effort to get ahead of the long waiting period? As in “request to be naturalized by date X”, in my case when I’ve been legally in Germany for 3 years since I’m married to a German? I live in Hamburg FYI   Also, yes, I’ll be going for the renunciation fee loophole. What struck me is that on the Hamburg application form you cannot check “want to keep other citizenship” or anything. Instead, you have to confirm with signature that you are giving up your other citizenship, else you pretty much cannot Hand in your application.    This already looks like the Behörde in Hamburg will be a huge hustle tbh...   Also can’t believe every state/city can pretty much do whatever they want and interpret the law as they see fit.   I read a court decision by an OLG forcing their own Ausländeramt to naturalize a Greek applicant who wanted to retain his Greek citizenship, smth that is utterly and clearly allowed by the StAG, which they refused. They refused the appeal and the Amtsgericht dismissed his law suite in first instance. All of them unlawfully refusing his claim until he sued and sued and sued. Mind = Blown.