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  1. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    @franklan Anabin says:
  2. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    @alderhill thanks for the positive feedback. It's greatly appreciated. I added my university info on my bio page.   The use of doctor titles is strictly forbidden in Germany without official recognition. LaGeSo Berlin accepted my application to recognize my foreign qualifications (gemäß § 3 Abs. 2 Satz 3 der BÄO) but in the end I chose to follow my lifelong passion of practicing psychotherapy.   
  3. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    I have a 7-year university degree in medicine (Banja Luka, BiH) and am a licensed physician in both Bosnia and Croatia; however as clearly stated, I am licensed and practicing here as a "Heilpraktikerin Psychologie" which is a legal framework (and formality) which allows me to practice psychotherapy in Germany.   The sexual therapy program I studied in Berlin had nothing to do with NLP or any other esoteric topics - simply the psychodynamics of relationships and sexuality. FWIW I've spent a decade reviewing clinical research studies on sexuality and psychotherapy.   Much of my work relies on the teachings of Dr. David Schnarch and Ester Perel      
  4. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    I'm a sex therapist and polyamory counsellor - my office is in Prenzlauer Berg:   My goal is to teach effective skills needed to understand your relationship with sex and help you feel empowered to create a more satisfying sex life.   Individuals and couples of all ages, gender and sexual orientations are welcome! I also occasionally do workshops on topics such as jealousy management. Background: I have a degree in medicine and advanced training in sex therapy from the Institut für Beziehungsdynamik, Berlin.   (Although this is my first post, I've been lurking on TT for over a decade and just wanted to send my respect to the local towers of wisdom: engelchen, Panda Munich, Starshollow and John G.!)