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  1. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    COVID-19 tests for fully vaccinated travellers arriving in England to be scrapped, PM confirms | Travel News | Sky News
  2. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    @Auntie Helen "my Brexit Bonus Extra Tax Burden due to Progressionsvorbehalt"  -    this is what it should be 'officially renamed' to by the Finanzamt, in my opinion! brilliant! so true as well  
  3. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

      thanks an absolute million as always @PandaMunich -  we don't deserve you sometimes.   have a nice day and take care VLG Danny  
  4. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

      thanks an absolute million as always @PandaMunich -  we don't deserve you sometimes.   have a nice day and take care VLG Danny  
  5. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    @PandaMunich - it goes without saying, a huge thanks a lot for your help so far, i have no clue how we would all cope without you.     (as @Auntie Helen so eloquently put it  already: "I have just started the whole Tax Return Experience as a post-Brexit German-resident Brit with rental income from the UK."     Well quite honestly, i really couldn't have said it better myself in fact - tell me about it! Just one more (ahem) 'upside' of Brexit, it would appear...(but anyway whatever nevermind, lets not go there....)     for the record - I found this article the other day, so i thought it might be worth sharing for everyone's benefit: Abschreibung von Immobilien – 11 wichtige Punkte über die AfA | immoverkauf24       One thing that particularly leaps off of the page immediately is how differently freehold properties are treated compared to leasehold properties:        from part 4 -  Besonderheit beim Erbbaurecht beachten Wird eine Immobilie mit Erbbaurecht (umgangssprachlich auch Erbpacht genannt) erworben, ist die Ermittlung des Bodenanteils nicht so einfach wie bei einer Immobilie auf Eigenland. Häufig wird im Kaufvertrag dem Erbbaurecht bereits ein Wert zugeteilt, der dann als Bodenanteil berücksichtigt wird. Ist dies nicht der Fall, so muss dieser aufwändig unter Berücksichtigung der Restlaufzeit des Erbbaurechtsvertrages, des Erbbauzinses sowie des Bodenwertes ermittelt werden. Dies sollte vom Steuerberater durchgeführt werden.   Zudem gelten die gezahlten Erbbauzinsen als sofort abzugsfähige Werbungskosten.  Wichtig zu wissen: Werden die Erbbauzinsen auf einen Schlag im Voraus bezahlt, sind sie auf die Nutzungsdauer zu verteilen.     i am still trying to get my head round it. there was me, thinking (previously) for my leasehold flat = work out the 'Anschaffungskosten' (i.e. Kaufpreis der Immobilie + Erwerbsnebenkosten (Grunderwerbsteuer, Notarkosten und Maklercourtage. ) take 80% of the 'Anschaffungskosten'  as 'Gebäudewert' (i.e. after deducting 20% 'Grundstückswert') multiply the 80% 'Gebäudewert' by the GBP to EUR exchange rate on the exact date I bought it back in Dec 2006 as the flat was built in 2006, work out an annual depreciation of 2%. And ‘ta-da’……..End of story……Or at least I thought it would have been. Now I just suddenly feel a bit lost.   Therefore if anyone has any clue, please feel free to share further if you would like to. I am guessing that there will be several people in this boat potentially. Man i hate Brexit...
  6. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

        a very interesting question. Mine is a 'leasehold' flat. I do not own the freehold (i.e. the actual land). But for houses where someone owns the freehold then this is definitely a relevant question.     i found the following link -  (not sure it tells you a great deal more than you already know yourself, but i thought i would share it for everyone anyway)     Microsoft Word - Bewertung von Immobilien.DOC (hildebrandt-maeder.de)   Page 4 Ausländische Grundstücke werden stets nach dem Verkehrswert berechnet, weil nicht si[1]cher ist, dass es im Ausland entsprechende Bodenrichtwerte gibt, die zuverlässig sind.   Page 5 In allen Fällen, in denen das Finanzamt zu vermeintlich zu hohen Werten kommt, kann der Steuerpflichtige mit Einholung eines Verkehrswertgutachtens – allerdings auf eigene Kosten und auf eigenes Risiko – kontern.             in terms of the depreciation per month in EUR: i took the original purchase price in GBP (of the flat) on the date i bought it back on 15th December 2006. I multiplied the original purchase price in GBP by 0.02,  to give me the annual depreciation in GBP. i divided the annual depreciation in GBP by 12,  to give me the monthly depreciation in GBP. i then use the official monthly GBP to EUR exchange rates to work out the monthly depreciation in EUR. ( Bundesfinanzministerium - Umsatzsteuer-Umrechnungskurse)     If this is complete rubbish from my side, definitely feel free to correct me at any time, no worries!        
  7. Limit on wine (taking back for my own personal use)

    excellent, thank you so much.   a perfect example of what this forum is / should be about - i.e. sharing knowledge and helping others. cheers and have a good day
  8. Maybe a somewhat strange and unusual question -   I am due to potentially fly back to the UK for 2 weeks towards the end of May. I would like to take back some particular german red wine with me in my big suitcase which will go in the hold.  ( I managed to get back last September (2021) and previous to that November 2019.)   My question (deadly serious) is: Due to Brexit, are there any limits about how many bottles I can take back in my suitcase e.g. I was hoping to take back 2-3.   As silly as it sounds, I just thought I would double check just to be on the safe side, as I didn’t want any stress. All and any constructive feedback is most welcome!!
  9. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    sure, very sorry to hear that....everything is just so crazy at the moment, fully understand and sympathise.   have you tried: Covid Testing Network - Compare Travel PCR tests near me (covid19-testing.org)
  10. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    Boost for holidays as Covid travel tests scrapped | News | The Times Thursday January 06 2022, 12.01am GMT, The Times   Boris Johnson said that pre-departure tests for travellers entering the UK would be ditched, as well as PCR tests in the first two days in the country. Instead, arrivals can take cheaper lateral flow tests. The need to quarantine before receiving a negative result will also end.
  11. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    COVID: Pre-departure tests for travellers returning to the UK to be scrapped | Business News | Sky News  
  12. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    awesome, thanks a lot @ian
  13. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    Covid: Germany tightens restrictions on UK travellers - BBC News  
  14. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    Covid: Germany tightens restrictions on UK travellers - BBC News  
  15. What made you laugh today?

     Why didn’t Santa replace Comet and Cupid when they became HGV drivers? They were just 2 deer       Why does Christmas scrabble take so long with Boris Johnson? He keeps going back on his word       Why are we only having carrots, peas and potatoes as veg this Christmas? Because 52% of the family said no to Brussels