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  1. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    ok, thats great. thank you so much for the clear confirmation!!!
  2. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    I fly back to the UK this coming Friday, to look after my dad for 2 weeks.   What I understand when coming back to the UK, is that neither the ‘Passenger locator form’ is now no longer needed, nor a day 2 test, as per - All COVID-19 travel restrictions removed in the UK - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) On the UK side, I am pretty clear, let’s put it like that.         On 4th June I then fly back to Germany where I am based full time. When I last flew in Sept 2021, I had to fill in the ‘online Digital Registration on Entry’ form, less than 3 days before returning to Germany  I could then also upload my proof of vaccination, in order to end my quarantine   My question focuses on about coming back to Germany.   i.e. do I still have to: fill in the ‘online Digital Registration on Entry’ form, less than 3 days before returning to Germany etc. (also upload my proof of vaccination, in order to end my quarantine?)     When i look on the Digitale Einreiseanmeldung          Digital Registration on Entry   Countries visited in last 10 days Next, please enter the countries you visited in the last 10 days.   Vereinigtes Königreich / United Kingdom   The country you've selected is not classified as a risk area.     (i have had 3 Bio-tech)     so i assume i do not have to worry about any of this anymore, did i get that right? can anyone confirm or deny this really quickly please at all?
  3. What happens to your German pension if you move abroad? (iamexpat.de)   quite an interesting article   just sharing it in case it helps anyone else
  4. What made you laugh today?

    are you sweating when putting petrol in your car? feeling sick when paying for it? you have got the carownervirus
  5. just as a general info, in case it wasn't already known to everyone.   Sparer-Pauschbetrag increasing in 2023 from €801 to €1.000   Sparerpauschbetrag steigt 2023 - so reizen Sie ihn schon jetzt richtig aus » smartsteuer Blog
  6. Sorry to ask a really dumb question, and this has been covered off already about a billion and one times, but I am still super confused:   Background – I am double vaccinated in Germany (BioNtech/Pfizer), with the 2nd in early July.   On 8th September, I plan to fly with Eurowings from Duesseldorf to Birmingham.   i.e. fly from Germany to the UK, stay in the UK for approx. 2.5 weeks fly back to Germany (directly from the UK)       question is just about tests – I am clear that I need a day 2 PCR test in the UK, booked in advance, all obvious.   Do I also need a PCR test for flying each way? Or can I get away with an antigen  / lateral flow test? - I only ask as they are a bit cheaper.   If this is simply too silly to ask, then no worries. I just wanted to make sure I don’t have any issues / do anything wrong.   All advice definitely welcome at this stage please!!!!!!!!
  7. I am employed in Germany and live , work and pay taxes here. Since 2012, I have also been receiving rental income from my UK flat. I have declared this income in the UK on my HMRC tax return, and do not need to pay tax on it as it falls under the UK tax personal allowance threshold.   What i am absolutely 100% clear about is that as long as the UK is still in the EU, I do not even need mention my British rental income at all in my tax return: "§ 32b Abs. 1 S. 2 Nr. 3 i.V.m. § 32b Abs. 1 S.1 Nr. 3 EStG Nicht unter Progressionsvorbehalt aufgeführt werden müssen Einkünfte aus der Vermietung oder der Verpachtung von unbeweglichem Vermögen, wenn diese in einem anderen Staat als einem Drittstaat (ergo: EU/ EWR-Ausland) belegen sind. Das Besteuerungsrecht für Großbritannien für die Einkünfte aus Vermietung und Verpachtung aus in UK gelegenen Objekten ergibt sich aus dem Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen zwischen Deutschland und UK, nach dem UK aufgrund des Belegenheitsprinzips das alleinige Besteuerungsrecht zusteht. Aus diesem Grund (DBA + § 32b EStG) haben wir die Vermietungseinkünfte in der Vergangenheit nie deklariert, sondern das Finanzamt lediglich mit einem Satz darauf hingewiesen."     So here comes the crunch -  'Post Brexit / i.e. after the UK leaves the EU', I understand that it will not be taxed again in Germany on the UK income,  but it will raise my German tax rate on my other income (e.g. on my German salary) - this is called Progressionsvorbehalt. "Es ist aber nicht unwahrscheinlich, das die Vermietungseinkünfte dann zumindest in den Progressionsvorbehalt einfliessen. Etwas anderes, z.B. eine Besteuerung unter Anrechnung der UK Steuern erlaubt das derzeitige Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen  nicht. Und die Abkommen bleiben ja bestehen unabhängig davon ob UK Teil der EU ist oder nicht."     My question relates specifically to WHICH DATE is actually most important for the changing of the rules. It is likely that Brexit will happen on 31st January 2020. An official withdrawal agreement should soon be in place between the UK and the EU, which means that a formal  'transition period' runs from 31st January 2020 until 31st December 2020. During this 'transition period', the EU will still continue to treat the UK exactly like a member state, and all EU rules will still apply:   https://www.gtai.de/gtai-de/trade/recht/rechtsbericht/vereinigtes-koenigreich/brexit-die-uebergangsphase-im-deutschen-und-britischen-recht-210062   https://www.gtai.de/gtai-de/trade/recht/rechtsbericht/vereinigtes-koenigreich/brexit-rechtliche-aspekte-der-uebergangsphase-209796   https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brexit-Steuerbegleitgesetz   www.ertragsteuerrecht.de/media/RegE_Brexit-StBG.pdf   https://www.bundesfinanzministerium.de/Monatsberichte/2019/04/Inhalte/Kapitel-3-Analysen/3-3-brexit-steuerbegleitgesetz_pdf.pdf;jsessionid=B87FA0D85091738336A6A4AFE8E1B49B.delivery2-master?__blob=publicationFile&v=3   https://www.haufe.de/steuern/gesetzgebung-politik/brexit-steuerbegleitgesetz_168_473764.html   https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/brexit/nach-britischen-wahlen-geordneter-brexit-wahrscheinlich-1570622     "Ein zwischen der EU und UK verhandeltes Austrittsabkommens mit einer Übergangszeit liegt auf dem Tisch. Nach dem Austrittsabkommen würde UK für die Übergangszeit bezüglich wichtiger EU-Rechte noch wie ein EU-Mitglied behandelt werden.   ab dem UK nicht mehr Mitgliedstaat der EU ist und auch nicht wie ein solcher zu behandeln ist,"     Question 1: Therefore am i right in thinking that for my 2020 German tax return, the current tax rules still apply for my rental income and that there will be no changes? i.e. i dont even need to declare my UK rental income on my 2020 German tax return? i.e. any changes will only be valid from 1st January 2021 onwards?      Second smaller question 2 -  my german tax consultant (with UK expat experience) is sadly  retiring very soon. does anyone know of a good quality affordable german tax consultant (with UK expat experience)  for people like me, that they could recommend to me please?     Any help is greatly appreciated.