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  1. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    hi Ian,  may i trouble you potentially one last time please?     - did you have to quarantine when you came back to Germany from the UK please?     i am also a fully vaccinated UK+German citizen. as always , i just wanted to try and be 100% sure.   if you have time to answer, i would be very grateful of course. but no pressure at all and no rush either!    
  2. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    not sure if this helps, but i will post it anyway:       Schnelltest24.eu in der Halle Gartlage in Osnabrück   they are definitely in line with the minimum test percentage criteria for accuracy. they also give you the results in English with your name, address, DoB etc.   just saying.... if i am wrong, then so be it. but i love this forum, and when people help me i am incredibly grateful, so i thought i might try and help a bit back!!!   :-)  
  3. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    HOLY F**KING SH1T, this is totally incredible.   thanks an absolute million indeed !!!!   wow, just wow. cheers.   it sounds exactly like me in almost every single sense!!!!!!!   invaluable. you deserve a medal.      
  4. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    If I may just check please quickly:   i) For flying back from the UK to Germany,  do I absolutely need a PCR test which is less than 48 hours old, right? i.e. no other test will do, right? It has to be a PCR test, right?   ii) I will be in the UK in postcode B93 visiting my parents. I assumed that I would probably have to go for a postal PCR test which I can send back via royal mail 1st class. I am just concerned about the ‘tight’ turn-around.     (For travelling from Germany back to the UK, I seem to have 72 hours to play with, which gives me room to breathe).   Does anyone have any recommendations of a reliable one on the UK side please? (it certainly doesn’t have to be the cheapest, but ideally if it is not an absolute rip-off either, then that would also be helpful )   I have tried looking ta the gov.uk’s own website, but I just feel like it is an absolute farce – Either they: are sold out actually cost something like £50- £100 rather than £20 (as they are supposedly advertising). Or for 'click and collect' , expect me to travel to the centre of London from B93         I only ask as the information has still been changing over the last weeks from time to time. I therefore would just like to benefit from someone else’s experience who is maybe in exactly the same position as me. i.e. wants to visit elderly parents who they haven’t seen for nearly 2 years. I mean, that is why we are all here on this forum in the first place , right?
  5. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    really super @theGman, thank you so much  
  6. Sorry to ask a really dumb question, and this has been covered off already about a billion and one times, but I am still super confused:   Background – I am double vaccinated in Germany (BioNtech/Pfizer), with the 2nd in early July.   On 8th September, I plan to fly with Eurowings from Duesseldorf to Birmingham.   i.e. fly from Germany to the UK, stay in the UK for approx. 2.5 weeks fly back to Germany (directly from the UK)       question is just about tests – I am clear that I need a day 2 PCR test in the UK, booked in advance, all obvious.   Do I also need a PCR test for flying each way? Or can I get away with an antigen  / lateral flow test? - I only ask as they are a bit cheaper.   If this is simply too silly to ask, then no worries. I just wanted to make sure I don’t have any issues / do anything wrong.   All advice definitely welcome at this stage please!!!!!!!!
  7. Rental income calculation

          This is a really great thread, as always, by Panda, and well worth a read.             what particularly interests me is:       So how does the ta department how much of the price you paid was for the ground and how much for the building standing on it?   They have a committee that decides every year how much a square metre of ground is worth in a certain region (= Bodenrichtwert).   Depending on where your apartment/house stands in Munich, this can be 700€ per square metre of ground or even up to 5,000€ per square metre of ground.   -------------------------   You can find out this Bodenrichtwert by phoning the Finanzamt and asking them for it for that certain street. They don't like giving it out, but just say you bought an apartment there and now need this value to do your tax declaration and then they will tell you. Just be sure to phone another person when you want to ask it for another street!       The Finanzamt doesn't like telling you the Bodenrichtwert because another state institution, that "committee", charges 30€ per information if you ask them, see here: http://tinyurl.com/24lgvyg                       i only ask, as I own and rent out an apartment in Coventry, UK.   I purchased the flat in 2006 as a 'leasehold'  (i.e. i only own the bricks and mortar, not the actual land itself).       -   Is there any Committee in Germany who decides what the square meter of ground is worth in Coventry, UK?   or is this only a consideration for property here in Germany?     If anyone has any ideas  / advice  / experience / clue....please feel free to shout!!!!! Cheers
  8. Preogressionvorbehalt vs Burger mit free Pommes dazu

    (from Deloitte)   Working & Living in Germany | Deloitte Deutschland brochure can be downloaded....       Rental income   Rental income from real estate in Germany is taxable in Germany at the taxpayer’s tax rate. Deductions, such as mortgage interests, depreciation or other expenses (e. g. maintenance) are allowable. Losses may be offset against other taxable income.     Rental income from countries that are members of the European Union/EEA is in most cases exempt from German taxation.   *****Rental income from countries that are not members of the European Union/EEA is mostly exempt from German taxation but will be taken into account when calculating the personal tax rate (progression income).*****     Rental losses from foreign sources cannot be offset against positive income taxable in Germany but could be offset against positive income from the same source in future years.
  9. Preogressionvorbehalt vs Burger mit free Pommes dazu

    Some good points you make here @Gambatte. I have often thought something similar myself about  Progressionvorbehalt   .   Upon arriving in Germany, i heard / read about this a few times of "foreign income is not taxed, but it enters Progressionvorbehalt",  and i must admit that i was 'slightly confused' at first. I kept thinking, it is clearly a 'quirk' of the German tax system maybe - i.e. well, it certainly sounds like it is 'tax relevant', as it potentially increases the overall tax rate.   Certainly, this whole topic is now very relevant for my rental income from UK, post-Brexit (annoyingly - yet another disadvantage of Brexit...its a long list!). In end-effect, it means that any foreign rental income (non-EU i.e. the UK) is definitely now 'tax relevant', and certainly not tax-free.  
  10. Hi I am planning on flying to the UK on Friday (evening) 11th June to see my parents, as my dad has dementia, and I haven’t seen them since December 2019. I went to my local GP in Essen today and asked them about a COVID test before I fly. My local GP said that they could do the COVID test themselves for me, but that they can’t promise the results being ready in time. They therefore suggested I check out the COVID test center at Duesseldorf Airport as a possible alternative. Has anyone got experience of using the COVID test center at Duesseldorf Airport? Do I have to: e.g. go there 2-3 days beforehand, and do the  test? Can i pick up the test results  on the Friday afternoon,  just before I fly? All and any practical advice very welcome!!!!!