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  1. Hallo, Why do want to take a legal help, when there was no objection or any decline send out by Citizenship office ?  You can go ahead and apply for German Citizenship, if you full fill all requirements, even for 6 year stay, B2 exceeds the basic B1 requriement, hence it can be mapped to high German Language skill and well integrated. In case they decline to accept, you can go ahead seeking Anwalt help. All the best :-)
  2. You must have a valid ( not an expired one)  passport from your home country and valid Aufenthaltstitel, without that you will not e given a German Citizenship, that is the minimum prerequisite for issuing a Citizenship. Morever, living in Germany without valid Aufenthaltstiel is not legal. Please stay upto date on your documents until you recieve the certificate, till then nothing is guranteed.
  3. I submitted my application during first week of June 2022. - June II week 2022 i recieved a letter to make an advance payment for processing my application - July I week 2022, i was asked to submit my marriage ceritificate, birth Certificates of parents and kids + 1000 Euro fee to get the documents verified in India through German Embassy, initiated by Citizenship office - August I week, 2022 i submitted documents for verification  - Sepetember last week,2022 i got additional document request  - German Embassy started verification at our native by September 2022 - German Embassy completed the verification and send report by Feb 14,2023, as i was informed by Citizenship office  - Citizenship office asked to mail last 3 payslips via mail - waiting for invitation to collect my citizenship certificate 
  4.   Hallo Rick,    According to the law, you need to be a legal resident for 5 years continously to appy for EU Permanent Resident. For Citizenship, as per current law, 8 years continious stay with legal resident permit. You can go ahead and apply for EU PR, when the law for citizenship  to hold dual nationality comes into play, apply for German Citizenship.    
  5. According to law you do not need to produce a Integration course certificate.
  6. Without approval from Ausländerbehörde stamped on passport, when you return after 6 months, your entry to Germany will be denied.