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  1. Thanks Scook17. The information you gave was a good start for me and useful.   I am actually asking how can I pay the flat rate tax? When I sell the stock or when I transfer the money to Germany? I don’t know how can I do that because my brokerage doesn’t know Germany regulations.    I am reluctant to sell some stocks and send money to my german bank account, because it might be caught as I didn’t pay the taxes  
  2. I've done some research on this topic, but haven't found anything useful. As far as I understand, if you stay in a country for more than 183 days, you have to pay taxes to that country. In my case, this doesn't make much sense because I want to protect my German employee and my job. It does not seem possible for my employee to pay taxes to another EU country where I will not pay tax to Germany and will live. One way to do this could be to freelance. In this case, I will lose the benefits of working for a company. I'm a little helpless. I'm not sure anyone is struggling with this issue.
  3. Hi Everyone,   I have been purchasing stocks from Nasdaq for 4 years. I am using Charles Schwab brokerage. I am using this because of my company.    I haven't sold any stock so far. My question is that how can I pay the taxes if I sell a stock? 
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes, my partner will move with me, so I am not worried about my working permit.   I am worried about how should I pay tax. I will be working for a German company but live in another EU. 
  5. Hello,   I am a non-EU citizen married to an EU citizen. I am employed and my partner is not.    I am wondering can I relocate to another EU country by being employed with my current German employer? If it's possible, is there a maximum duration?  
  6. Hi All,   I live in Germany, I am no-EU citizen, but my wife is.    We are wondering if we can apply for a mortgage from a German bank to buy a property in another European country? I couldn't find much information