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  1. Anyone can recommend fahrschule around kreuzkolln for b class license? Language is english, or turkish. I don't have driving experience. All the schools I checked have completely different prices; one asks 1 euro for registration other asks 100. not sure which I should trust
  2. That's my another question. If the rental discount and freeze is real, why would I need legal help from Mieterverein? I mean my landlord should automatically reduce the rent according to the law (I might be being too naive).
  3. Hi All,   I am wondering if anyone took advantage from rental discount in Berlin after the law taken?   I am over paying to my rent. My landlord, which is a company, is saying that they are following everything in this regard, so I don't need to worry about it. However, they do not even mention discount. I am not sure what should I do. I also don't want to have bad relationship with my landlord   Thanks in advance. 
  4. Thank you so much for the answer.  do I need to pay anything extra to TK for childrens?
  5. Hi All, My wife and I are planning to have a baby. I’m TK, and earn more than my wife. She is freelancer and has a bad private insurance.   can our child have TK in this case?