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  1. I am 3 and employed. My wife is 5 an unemployed. 
  2. I work salary based. The tax is cut automatically, I don't regulate it.    I am unhappy. I received ~3000euro last year. This year it looks like 100. 
  3. Hi All,   I calculated tax refund using wundertax and taxfix. They both show ~100 euro tax refund.  I work entire 2019. My salary is 100k, I am married and my wife is unemployed. Is it normal?
  4. I received next letter. I am very scared now. I put the letter below. They threat me to go to court. Can they do that? I don't even know German, I cannot defend myself. If I get a lawyer, that would cost more than I need to pay now. I am depressed.  Any help is appreciated.     
  5. Hi All,  I’m married with EU, but nit German citizen. I’ve 5years permit that I got two years ago.  I’m wondering that can I apply Bluecard on my own? 
  6. I moved here last year. I don't know any German   Do you think   "Lohnsteuerhilfeverein"  better than online tax advisors like "wundertax" or "steuergo"?
  7. @lisa13 I appreciate your answer.   I didn't pay the bill of course. I don't even want to pay. Because I actually did showed up there, but the hotel sort of cheated me. I believe I have right to not pay anything. Of course, I am not judge.    Do you think will creditrefrom go to court? would they sue me? I am wondering what kind of rights they have? I am scared. 
  8. Hello, I work in a company, and I have regular salary. Since my wife is unemployed, I should do tax declaration.  Since my case is not complicated, I am wondering that can do it online (wundertax, etc) and get the same tax refund? Do you suggest me to go to Steuerberater? Does it maximize the tax refund?
  9. Hi All,   I booked a hotel from in germany. I went there on the date. But they wanted to host me at another hotel, which was really bad and didn't show up in the photos. That's why I left there without saying anything. Now, I received a letter from creditrefrom because of no show in a reservation. They ask me to pay fine. I am wondering how did they find me, and how can they proof the person who did reservation online is same as the person in my address? How does it result?  any help or recommendation are welcome.
  10. Hello, I am married to a non-Germany EU citizen. I have Aufenhaltskarte (like in (1)) for 5 years. I am working in Germany and paying my taxes. However, as I am non-EU, I am dependent on my wife.    Can I apply for citizenship (after 6 years) or permanent residency (after 5 years)?    (1)