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  1. Dear Forum,   We live in Munich. My son has moderate autism and speech disabilities. He is 5 years old and is ongoing Logopaedie & Ergotherapie.  He will also soon start the Kindergarten at an Integrationsplatz Kindergarten. I was wondering if he would be eligible for a disability card.  He has an official diagnosis by his Psychiatrist and cannot hold conversations and has tantrums very often. It is very difficult to keep an eye on him and, due to his autism, he has both incontinence & constipation and sleep disorders.   I don't know if there is wether a calculator or online page to see if he qualifies for the disability card. I have seen the page for the Zentrum Bayern Familie und Soziales (ZBFS) but I am not sure what to fill out since they are asking to put the disability right away without previous examination. Has anybody applied for a DIsability Card in Munich and care to share their experience? Thank you and any input is welcomed.