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I studied Environmental Sciences at the University of Lancaster before moving to Braunschweig, Germany in 1980. I spent most of the following decade working for a Hannover firm as a geophysicist in seismic data processing, posted to a variety of locations in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. 


In 1988 I changed tack, returned to the UK and trained as an Inspector of Taxes in the then Inland Revenue.  After a decade and a bit in tax compliance, dealing with the tax returns and compliance of several of the largest UK companies and leading a nationwide team of International Tax Compliance Specialists, I turned my attention to tax policy becoming a Senior Policy Advisor in HMRC, with a stint in HM Treasury, advising Treasury Ministers on existing tax law and proposals for new tax measures, with an ever-increasing focus on strengthening existing laws and developing new laws to counter tax avoidance. 


Having retired in 2019, I now enjoy things other than tax, other than dabbling on this forum of course...