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  1. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

      I made it ! Ive just arrived back in Germany after 2 months in England. While it was very stressful and lots of time wasted with 2x quarantine, everything was straight forward. I went by car  via Rotterdam- Hull. I was worried about driving a British Reg car with an EU driving licence but I managed to get through without being stopped. I was very relieved to get on the ferry.  I needed a PCR test to get on the ferry and after some research I was advised tat the test centres at airports were the quickest and most efficient so I used Düsseldorf Airport test centre.   I had quarantine in the UK. I booked my car for an MOT on the morning of my first day of freedom and a Boris jab for the afternoon. Car sailed through MOT at a cost of 50 quid rather than the 4500 Euro Opel wanted to get it through a TÜV.    Boris Jab also went OK and contrary to politicians promises, my head didn't explode. I was offered Boris -jab 2 for end of June so stayed just long enough to get it. Ive just checked in the mirror and there is still no sign of my head exploding.   Return journey was by air from Manchester to Düsseldorf. Requirements were a Covid Test before flight and online registration of my journey with the German Government. Luckily an Anotgen Quick test was OK so I booked that for the afternoon before flight. I had heard rumours of long waits so booked it for 3 hours before flight but as it happened everything went required to have proof of residency and dont yet have the full biometric electronic residency card. Instead I have a temporary " Fiktionsbescheinigung  " and was worried about crossing the border with it , but as it turned out the airline and Border control accepted it without problem. All the documents were checked carefully.    In summary, a whole lot of stress, but do-able. I wouldn't go through this for a holiday but for anyone with an important reason to travel I would say go for it.  It was a strange experience travelling in a pandemic. The airport is normally packed but was like a ghost town with most shops shut and for the first time ever, no queue at security. There were only about 20 passengers on the plane and all the others looked like students.  All in all it was a very surreal experience. Even airport vending machines were selling covid masks. It felt like I had woken up in the middle of a Hollywood disaster movie.  
  2. I don't suppose I am the only one in the same situation. I normally divide my time half and half between my  Partnerin / Step children / grandchildren in Germany and my Octogenarian parents and wider family and friends in England.    Now we have the Super-Gau of the pandemic with all the worlds media singing its the end of the world and if you step outside your house you will be fined / imprisoned / shot etc.   Has anybody attempted to visit England , post Brexit and if so did you make it there and back, were you arrested / imprisoned / made bankrupt / shot ???    My understanding is that I am allowed to visit my parents if they are dead or if I have "proof" that they are about to be dead but I am not allowed to visit while they are alive and kicking. Being 87 and having a long list of ailments with exotic names is probably not close enough to death to cross a border, where I believe the border police are really looking for evidence of at least Rigor Mortis  if not advanced decomposition.    I have been waiting patiently for things to get better since December for my Christmas visit with my ferry being cancelled numerous times. The plan was to drive through Holland but it seems I am not even allowed to enter Holland without an officially approved excuse.  Instead of things getting better, they are getting worse. Even though in England the pandemic is drawing to an end, it seems very week there is a new restriction or more bureaucracy. The latest is , even if there is a miracle and I can get to England, as well as 2 tests to travel to board the ferry and 2 tests to come home, I apparently am required to have 2 tests while sitting at home on my own in quarantine. It looks like 6 tests per visit at 100 quid a go. Why I need 200 quids worth of tests while sat at home on my own for 2 weeks is a mystery.I have more chance of catching Covid from the person giving the test than achieving anything useful.    Annoyingly , sat on my desk in England, is an invitation for a Boris Jab which I would quite like to have done. Here, as I am what we call in aviation "Priority Zulu" , I expect to get a, carefully tested and approved by the very finest of experts, Eu-jab sometime between Oct 2021 and summer 2022. I realise that the worlds most reliable media says that a Boris Jab will cause me to get a  DVT / grow horns / dematerialise and transport to another dimension, but hey-ho, I'm feeling like being wild and reckless so a Boris Jab might be fun.    To add to the fun, my UK registered car is still here and on the wrong side of the border. I gave up trying to register it here and bought a German car. I was planning on returning my UK car to England before Brexit, but now its stuck here, unused and end of April the MOT expires , so no idea how I will get it home after.  I am terrified to drive anywhere in the EU with the letters GB written on my car.    If anyone can recommend a good place in Calais to buy a rubber dingy or if you know anyone willing to pay 10 grand for 1.8 tons of scrap metal then please let me know.    In the meantime, how do you spell "aaaaaagggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in German ?   Frustration Mode _/END