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  1. Psychiatry and Medication-New to Germany

    @Someonesdaughter: I do not work but my husband works for Microsoft, so I will be under his insurance. He gets a choice of public and/or private insurance.    From your lay assessment, it sounds like that is what I read in the past "No German private insurance will take you in" so I think speaking with a professional might be my best option. Will contact them and hopefully get a response in the next few weeks. I totally understand that things are on hold for the holidays. 
  2. Hello Toytown, Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! I am a recent arrival to Munich (as of December 1st) with my husband and we are currently in the process of navigating insurance. I have read previous posts from a few years ago but the information seems contradictory so I am hoping someone can help clarify things for me.   Background: I take Effexor 37.5mg per day (Venlafaxine) as prescribed by the psychiatrist back in California. Moving here I got a three month supply (which is now at 2 months) to hold me over while I navigate and enroll in insurance. First step was getting housing, which around the holidays was a little harder to do but we finalized last Friday. Now I have time to focus on this but I am not sure what type of insurance to get that will cover the medicine and psychiatry appointments. I will not need a therapist as I am doing online therapy but I do need this prescription. A German friend mentioned I would have to see a psychiatrist for this medication rather than a general practitioner but she wasn't 100% sure about that. My questions are the following: 1. What insurance (private or public or both) should I be looking at to cover this mental health need? 2. How long does the set up process take for insurance in Germany?  3. Would anyone know in the medical field if a general practitioner could prescribe this?    My main concern is going without the medication as the side effects or withdrawal is not pleasant. I did my best navigating this back in California but ran into reading posts about how private insurance flat out denies you when you have a pre-existing mental health issue. However, it also said public insurance would give you the run-around when trying to get this kind of medication (antidepressant) covered.  Things to note: A. I do not speak German yet but I am enrolling in classes January!  B. I have the means to pay out of pocket short term so I do not get off the medication but not long term. I also would like to get in the correct insurance system as soon as possible since this is a monthly need for me.  C. I am very open to talking about this so if you have additional questions, do not hesitate. What is most important is that I figure this out soon so I am not without medication at some point.    Many many thanks in advance to those that reply! You are helping a stranger in need Cheers, Becca