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  1. I guess this is more of a vent than an actual question. I've been waiting since October to obtain a residence permit so I can, among other things, work and live a normal life in Germany. I've been through 2 Fiktionsbecheinegungen already and still no progress. Every time I go, they tell me something new needs to be done and I have to wait months for another appointment. I feel like I've finally reached a dead end. I went to my appointment with the Ausländerbehorde today and was told I can not apply for the permit until my husband has registered his address at the Bürgerservice. The whole point of me registering with the Ausländerbehorde was that is was so difficult to get an appointment at the Bürgerservice. Otherwise we would have registered together. I'm sure there's a way to get an appointment somehow, eventually, but with everything he has going on I'm sure he's done all that can reasonably be expected. He is also apparently not even registered as married. He tried at least 3 times to do that before we moved. Each time, they assured him that they changed his marital status to married but then he would receive a copy of his Meldebescheinigug which still stated that he was unmarried. I feel Like I've been doing everything I can for the better part of a year and am getting absolutely nowhere. At this point I am heartbroken that all my plans have to be put on hold yet again. I've been living in Germany for more than 2 years without a thing to do but wait for something to happen.
  2. TL;DR: Nothing is wrong with me right now. But I have some questions that I think only my doctor could answer satisfactorily. And I would also like to give him some medical records to go off of.    It’s become clear that doctors here don’t have a lot of time to spend with patients. I’m a little worried about taking up precious time away from a patient who actually needs help now. That being said, I do have some burning questions about my health.    I used to suffer very badly from allergies a few years ago, before moving to Germany. I spoke with an allergist and I had tests which confirmed this. Then I began allergy injections which I didn’t tolerate well possibly because of the severity of my symptoms.   Since living here though I have barely any symptoms. I thought I was simply managing my allergies very well but when I finally saw a new allergist the test they did showed barely any allergies at all. That’s great news but it leaves me with a lot of questions such as: Do allergies just disappear and if so are they likely to come back?   If I don’t follow through with allergy injections now while I’m asymptomatic, will that leave me open to not being able to tolerate them well if/when I become symptomatic?   Also, the doctor hasn’t seen my medical records and is going only off of my word that I have allergies. I would like to give him something to work with in case it becomes relevant in the future.   Is this appropriate to book and appointment for this or should I wait until I have a problem?