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  1. SISS seeheim-jugenheim Experience

    No. My company will not pay anything and international schools are very expensive in Germany. 
  2. SISS seeheim-jugenheim Experience

    Yeah I have applied to the school and my child will go for assessment but it's the assessment I am worried about as the selection is purely based on the language skills.
  3. Hello,   We have recently moved to Germany( Seeheim) and my kid will turn 6 this year. We are here for the next three or four years and are looking for an international school for our daughter. Does anyone has any direct experience with school? How difficult is it to get admission into the school as I heard the school has a long waiting list and the only criteria is fluency in English. And also what if the child can understand English very well but speaks with a few grammar mistakes(as we dont come from a English speaking country), will the child be denied admission? Has anyone ever been denied admission in the SISS school? The other international schools are very expensive for us and the few bilingual schools(in Frankfurt) that we have applied have a long waiting list. I am quite worried.