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  1. Tax return for laptop bought for home office/private

    more of a problem during the pandemic really, because people have been told to do home office but that comes with it's own costs. The link that @alderhill gave says that if you use a laptop for both private and professional use, it's reasonable to divide the cost by 2 and claim tax relief for only half of the asset. I agree with that reasoning.
  2. Tax return for laptop bought for home office/private

    Thank you so much for your response, @alderhill ! That link especially is much appreciated.
  3. Tax return for laptop bought for home office/private

    @catjones well, okay. Maybe you can just... ignore the five paragraphs and just enjoy the weather maybe? *scratches head* I don't even know what a depreciable expense means here. Maybe 1/3 of the laptop value? So what?
  4. Tax return for laptop bought for home office/private

    @catjones I shouldn't have said 'PhD student' I guess. Apologies for the confusion. I am employed as a scientific researcher with an employment contract (which is how it often is for PhD students, unless they have a scholarship/fellowship to fund their expenses). Secondly, I have no clue why any of this bothers you enough for making snarky remarks. I'll guess you aren't doing very well due to lockdown and I sincerely hope your life gets better.   @Dai thank you for the table. Would you be able to comment now that I clarified that I am basically employed at the university while also being enrolled as a student?
  5. Hi! I am filing my tax return for 2020. I bought a laptop in May 2020 that I needed as a replacement for my existing half-dead laptop, because I work in computation (PhD student in a computational field) and home office is mandatory as per university rules. I am not sure whether or not I can receive a tax return. My German language skills are not so great. I understand that ideally I should be going for a tax advisor but perhaps the TT community can help me out? Here are the details:   - I have an employer provided, desktop computer, in my office in the university. I used it for work before the pandemic (and still do via remote connection). Question 1: Is it possible to claim a tax return for the laptop given that I have a computer provided by my employer?   - The laptop is a requirement. No laptop, no work. If asked for, I believe I can get my supervisor to write a letter stating that the laptop is a requirement. Question 2: Would such a letter be sufficient? Question 3. If I do go ahead with this I will talk to my supervisor first, but do I need to attach the letter in ELSTER, or I need to do it only when requested by the Finanzamt?   - New laptop cost me approx 1400 EUR, bought in Germany. This post suggests that I can claim tax return on it but I have to spread it over the expected lifetime of the laptop. Question 4. Assuming that I can claim the return, how do I go about spreading the expenses over a number of years, in ELSTER? Also, how does one decide how long is the expected lifetime? I see the number 3 or 4 years depending on which website I am reading, but it's a bit confusing.   - Question 5. Is there an upper limit on any of the deductions? How much? Does it matter that I will also be claiming the flat tax relief for the home office situation?   - Any helpful resources (even if in German) related to this, are appreciated. I could search for them myself but it's a pain to do it without knowing enough German and what exactly to look for.