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  1. Multiple Warning Letters at Once ("Abmahnung" by employer)

      I understand. Thank you very much. 
  2. Hi All,  I am involved in a very complicated situation with my employer.    I have received multiple warning letters (Abmanhungen) in the post while I have been out on long term sick leave. These warning letters refer to events that took place while I was in work before I was on sick leave. These warning letters have caused me a lot of distress and I also do not agree with some of the allegations made in the letters.   My first question is: Did the employer have the right to send me a copy of these warning letters while I was out sick from work?    The details surrounding this are quite specific however if you are experienced/knowledgeable in this area of warning letters etc. I would be extremely grateful if you could send me a direct message to help clarify the issue.