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  1. Thanks EI Jeffo, I came to know late about the Mietverein. My Laywer is not giving me a clear answer that with these best proofs how much I in good position against the apartment owner. So want to search /know personally. 
  2. Thanks Optimista, I have a Rechtversicherung and in contact with Laywer. I came to know very late about the Mieterverein.
  3. While handing over the apartment, the apartment owner clearly mentioned in Übergabeprotokoll that 'Wohnung ist in Ordnung'(apartment is ok). Even the Nachmieter (successor tenant) also confirmed, in written, that all is good in apartment. About 6 weeks after when I asked to get the Kaution (Deposit) back then owner wrote the letter that the apartment had the Schimmel (Mold) while leaving. He is claiming that he repaired all the things and now he is asking me all repair cost. Question is  HOW IS CAN CLAIM AND BLAME ME while- 1. he himslef wrote in Übergabeprotokoll that 'Wohnung ist in Ordnung'(apartment is ok). 2. he made the Zählestand Protokoll (Meter and heater reading) on the day of leaving the apartment and at that time also he was not able to find the mold in apartment. 3. Nachmieter (successor tenant) also gae in written that I checked the apartment and all is ok with the apartment, on the day of leaving.   Your advice in this matter is highly appreciated.   Thanks a lot in advance.