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  1. Thanks for your reply. To the best of my knowledge, in my home country the situation is as follows: if I go to a car repairer that has a legitimately registered business (with a VAT ID), then I just pay whatever the bill is and the business owner has the obligations to pay VAT, income taxes, and so on. However, if I go to a random guy on the street (or on the Internet) and pay him to repair my car, I'll need an invoice from him and I get the burden to pay a 20% withholding tax to the government (while he has to pay for income tax, social security contributions and so on). Is there a similar setting in Germany as well?  
  2. Thanks for your reply. So in Germany there is not a form of withholding tax that the "employer" has to pay in case the contractor does not have a properly registered VAT?
  3. Does any of you have any experience with hiring a (possibly international) contractor through the online marketplace Fiverr? The terms of service are here: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service   Does the buyer of the service (suppose an individual, not a business) have to pay any taxes or report in any way the work performed by the contractor?    Note that Fiverr provides an invoice to the buyer which lists only "purchases from Fiverr's website" and not the details of the contractors or their information.   For this question, assume that the outsourced job involves drawing illustrations or computer programming.
  4. Hello. I'm considering moving to Forchheim (and commute to FAU South Campus in Erlangen to study). The village seems quite nice, however I'd like to ask your advice (any remarks really) about moving there.   In particular,  I have some questions:   How is it in terms of security/safety? For example, is it safe to leave a bike locked near the train station and to walk at night? Does the "Piasten" company affect the neighborhood surrounding its Factory Outlet in Forchheim? In particular. I'd like to know about the pollution in the area surrounding it.  Are there public libraries or cafes or any other nice public studying places in Forchheim? Is the nearest hospital the one in Erlangen, or are there others in the village? Is there a public pool (for swimming) that is open on Saturdays & Sundays? From the website of "Koenigsbad Forchheim" it is not quite clear to me if the swimming is only limited on some days in the week or it can be performed also during the weekend.    Thank you!