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  1. Hello guys! 

    thank you so much for all the information provided here, it is really helpful. So first and foremost, I wish that all those of you who have a case can have a swift way out. 

    Long story short: I've got the letter, and honestly didn't know I was doing something illegal. So rather than lying and say 'lol bro burden of the proof's on you haha' and deny all – as advised by ALL the lawyers I've been in touch with – here's what I will do: 

    (A) contact a lawyer

    (B) ask to make a new cease-and-desist letter

    (C) ask for a settlement 30-40-50% off and close the case


    I think this is the best option, given what I've read so far. I don't want W-F to get after me for next years because the case is still pending and I have a lawyer that keeps arguing with them to, in the end, pay the whole thing with the taxes as a nice topping! 


    What do you think? 


    Best wishes