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  1. Hello everyone  I know that when you going to read this, you are start to think:" what is the problem of international students when came to the other country and do shoplifting" I will not proud of what I did, and a judgment of my situation is really normal , as I was caught on shoplifting, in your spot I probably do the same... It is true when I say that I never did this, and that is why I was caught , because I was really neevouse, but I needed food, I am in the end of month with almost no money, so I still some things from Rewe in Freiburg, in a total no more than 30€  They caught me , and present me to the Police, the Police Gave me a paper só I could sign and admit or not the incidente act, which I did ( I admited and signed). I can not entry in Rewe for One year and also I need to pay to them a 100€. Now, I AM waiting for the decision of percursor/judge , about this situation. The Police man was really Nice and say that it was not apt to them, but the most probably thing that will happened to me, it is: they are going to close the case with me pay a fine, and do not go court.  My doubts are (and Thank you in advance for reading this and for the help, because I am really scare right now) 1) how many days (usually)do I need to wait to received the letter from percursor about the decision of the court about my case? 2) do you think that this case will end with the payment of the fine? Or am I going to court? Or to jail? 3) it is better to get a lawyer now ? Or better to wait for the letter?   About the criminal registion I can not to anything , it is my first time to deal with this, I never commited a crime before. But now I did shoplifting, I should had thinking about this before doing it...  I am sorry for bother you with this and Thank you!