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  1. Hello,


    Me and my wife live in Germany and both have permanent jobs. My monthly net salary is around 4600€ and for my wife the monthly net salary is around 1800€. We would like to invite our parents (4 people), me and my wife's father and mother for 1 month to visit Germany and show them how beautiful Germany is.

    I have few questions.
    1. Can we apply for an invitation together because we both work?
    2. Is our salary enough to invite them?
    3. They also have their own finances. Do we need to show their finances (bank statement, etc.)? 

    4. We live in a 72 m2 apartment. Is there any rule that this dosent work for 6 people for 1 month? 6 people including us.

    5. Any insider tip would be useful.


  2. Thanks for the reply.. One more question. My wife has a resident permit which also mentions her work permit since I have a blue card myself. The address in the residence permit is currently of Munich. What I have heard is you need to change or put a sticker with the new address on the Resident permit. Will it happen in the Rathaus or I need to go somewhere else?


  3. 1 hour ago, RPC said:


    I have a former colleague who was in a similar situation. They maintained the primary residence in NRW and the husband maintained a secondary residence and traveling back to NRW Friday evening and returning to work location Monday morning.

    Changing addresses for banks would be dependent on what you want. Usually, only the main address is used and automatically updated. If she plans to travel to Munich regularly, this should not be an issue.



    Yes, she has to register in Frankfurt. If she registers the place in Frankfurt as a secondary residence, you can claim some of the expenses while filing tax. See some details here:

    If you have more questions on the tax implications, search in the site. If you have more questions, post in the finance forums and there are experts who could help.



    If you have more questions, split into specific topic and post in the relevant forum (finance, legal etc.). You will get responses from a wider audience.




    Thanks RFC, for the reply. Really appreciate it.. However, it will be me who will be travelling to Frankfurt over the weekend not her. Since my job is a bit flexible and I can work from home on Fridays. So, most part of the travelling will be done by me. Also, the current apartment in which we are staying, the rent is paid by me while the apartment in which she will stay in Cologne, the rent will be paid by her, so, can she still declare it as her secondary residence? If yes, is there any disadvantage?


  4. 4 hours ago, lunaCH said:

    Does your wife wish to have her main residence registered in a different place to you?`Does she even want/need to have her mail redirected to the new address? If you are going to be seeing each other still on a regular basis, some changes of address may be superfluous.

    Thanks for the reply.. We actually do not know but since my wife's office would be in Frankfurt she would definately like to get her emails in that address.. I will be going to Frankfurt every weekend. So it will be me who will do the travel weekly not her.


  5. Hi All,

    I have a query.. Me and my wife are both working. We are currently living in Munich. My wife has to move to Frankfurt for a new job. I will stay in Munich. What are the things that she needs to take care regarding changing her address, bank etc? Does anyone have any idea or faced such scenario?



    If she gets an apartment there she needs to register in the local Rathaus, so that means her name will not be remaining in the Munich Rathaus? Also, I have heard about Doppelte Haushaltsführung. Does it helps us in anyway in our situation?



    We have been living in Munich for last 1 year and we are not sure about such rules!! Any help is appreciated!