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  1. Hi everybody, I hope you're staying safe!   I'm trying to find out if / how it may be possible to "pause" my monthly transit pass - a.k.a. Abo card / VBB Umweltkarte / DB fahrCard (part of the problem might be that it has so many different names).   As a freelance teacher with no lessons in Berlin for the foreseeable future, I have no place I need to commute to right now - but the annual contract on my card runs for another 6 months. And for obvious reasons I can't really afford to keep paying €60/month for a card I don't use.   I'm curious if anyone here has any information - or any experience - regarding this issue.   Thanks for your help!
  2. Preparing for IELTS

    Hello everybody, I’m curious to know if there’s anyone in Berlin who is planning to take the IELTS and would be interested in meeting up to practice for the speaking test. We could practice answering questions like those listed here. (If you’re not familiar with the test format there are video examples here.) If so, what times of the week would be suitable?