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  1. Hi Everyone,   I was wondering if you could help out with my current situation:   My girlfriend will file a text return this year as well. We are not married but we live together and share all the expanses 50/50. We have a bank account (under my name) where both of us add some money at the end of the month that we use for paying costs like Kita, house moving/renovation, cleaning etc.   When it comes down to file a tax return can we actually split those costs in our respective tax declarations? For all the items that can be expansed shall I put 50% of the total amount and she will do the same in her tax declaration?   I'm asking this because, if I have to provide proof, the payment has been done under my name (as I said we use one of my spare accounts for "family money").   Any advice on how to manage expanses for not married people when it comes down to tax declaration (if the above is not possible)?   Thanks a lot for any help you can provide!   All the best, Nicola