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  1.   I will be departing for the UK early next week and all this rubbish is confirmation the UK has reached peak incompetence. It's got a much higher infection rate than France, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, NL, Germany, etc. I wouldn't be going anywhere near Plague Island if it wasn't for reasons. F**k 'em and enjoy the rest of your visit.
  2. Permit for modifying garden

    It's unlikely anyone will say anything for such a small area but I don't know how your neighbours are.  For every Grundstück there's a limit (percent) of the plot size that may be built on (house footprint+paving of driveway+patio+...). You'd need an exception to exceed this from the Bauaufsicht des Landkreises/der Stadt - they can also confirm what the max percent is for your plot.  
  3.   Valid point - I've done that route in the distant past and I'd prefer not to do the much longer ferry trip from the Hook to Harwich but I'm considering it again. Main issue is Belgium. Their government websites are an inconsistent mess on transit border check requirements. I did the same trip almost exactly 1 year ago and there were no Covid checks at all anywhere - now despite all the vaccinations there are a lot more hoops than before - crazy.
  4. OK, this is proving to be a bit of a nightmare to organize (versus 1 year ago) to drive across to visit my ill father. Has anyone driven from Germany to the UK going via the Netherlands, Belgium, France in the last couple of months with experiences to share?   I'm fully vaccinated with last Comirnaty injection more than 14 days ago with EU Covid Pass.   On the outbound trip from Germany to the UK it looks like I need: - German/Dutch border: No docs for transiting through The Netherlands. - Dutch/Belgian border: A Belgian govt sworn statement that I am only transiting through Belgium. - Belgian/French border: French Govt sworn statement that I am only transiting through France. - French/UK border at ferry: UK Locator Form with Day 2 PCR test code + EU Covid Pass + Negative PCR Test newer than 72 hours - In UK on 2nd day: Submit PCR Test   Cheers.
  5.   As long as you don't stop and mingle in France it doesn't count so you'll be ok.