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  1. President Donald J. Trump

      There are none so blind as those who will not see. Do you really not understand what a raving sociopath Trump is or are you happy enough when the trains are made to run on time?
  2. President Donald J. Trump

      How often do visiting foreigners get harassed and killed by cops in the US versus how often does it happen to black (and other non-white) US citizens? The scale of the problem is massively greater for them.
  3. Reuters: "Some 14,600 Britons were naturalised [in Germany] in 2019, more than in the preceding two years together."
  4. Coronavirus

      And the UK will self-isolate with Brexit-16.  
  5. Deutsche Bank Developments

      Rubbish. The move is self-serving. The USD is the world's reserve currency and if the supply of dollars dries up so does the world's economy.
  6. ''Leben in Deutschland'' Test Results Time

    In Hamburg took ~4 weeks last year.
  7.   I'm still searching for scientific papers that prove not vaccinating does not cause autism.   Parents who do not get their kids vaccinated need a dose of "wake-the-fuck-up".
  8. Car incident

    What kind of insurance do you have?   If you have Vollkasko, contact YOUR insurance company and give them details of the accident location and date/time and the owner details of the other car. His Perso ID and his car's license number is enough. All insurance is available to your insurance company and they will contact and handle the comms with the other guy's insurer and the further progression of your case.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      Diplomatic mission is another term for Embassy. Any such foreign presence requires the permission of the hosting country. The UK can't just go around planting diplomats wherever they like - maybe you haven't yet realized the Empire is dead.
  10. Climate change

      There are much easier ways to reduce your carbon footprint: reduce your internet and smartphone use and don't use 5G (on its own, the annual carbon emissions from youtube usage is equivalent to 2 million passenger cars), stop buying so many clothes (the fashion industry consumes more energy than aviation and shipping combined), stop buying coffee from Starbucks, Costa, etc (estimates on the CO2 footprint from annual Starbucks milk use alone is the equivalent of 1.6 billion miles driven by an average passenger car. Add in the other products they sell, the vehicle miles to deliver, the electricity consumed in their stores,...) + many more daily changes that you can much more easily and with much less 'pain' introduce and make a bigger difference than those he proposes.  
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      Do what? You can't just go opening embassies wherever and whenever you feel like it.
  12. The only relevant figure is your net salary which is going to be approx €3000/month. The rest is just Augenwischerei.
  13.   Yea and I got a bridge to sell you if you're interested.   Book and be damned unless you've got a crystal ball lying around.
  14. My latest battle with Brexit

    Nothing changes during the transition period and there's no such thing as an Aufenthaltserlaubnis for EU citizens.   Your HR worker bees are dicking you around or they're ignorant.  
  15. Leaving germany - abmeldung Rundfunkbeitrag

    Taking it too literally. It's you at the place. You're safe to de-register via the website. The next occupant (should) register themselves at that address.