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  1. Indian head massage?

    Does anyone know of anywhere offering Indian head massage in the Neustadt/Ludwigshafen area?
  2. English speakers in Neustadt/Wstr

    Thanks yes will let you know! 
  3. I have three (!) old mobile phones (they no longer work) to dispose of. In the UK at least one store collected old ones last time I was there. Does anyone know of any organisations or shops here that take them, rather than just taking them to the Wertstoffhof? Thank you!
  4. English speakers in Neustadt/Wstr

    Hi have literally only just registered with Toytown. I haven't met many English speakers in the area either! Hubby and I have just moved to Neustadt/Weinstraße from Bad Dürkheim, been in the Pfalz since 2015.