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  1. Legal advice options

    This is on behalf of my partner who is experiencing what amounts to bullying at his workplace. He is currently going down the 'Personalrat' route, but is our next and only option to find a lawyer specialising in 'Arbeitsrecht'?  Has anyone on here done this before? Or is there any organisation offering legal advice that we have not  thought of (in the same way that there is a 'Mieterschutzverein' for tenants)? His work is specialised so finding a new job will take a long while - hence trying to improve current situation as far as possible.   Any suggestions gratefully received.  
  2. Indian head massage?

    Does anyone know of anywhere offering Indian head massage in the Neustadt/Ludwigshafen area?
  3. English speakers in Neustadt/Wstr

    Thanks yes will let you know! 
  4. I have three (!) old mobile phones (they no longer work) to dispose of. In the UK at least one store collected old ones last time I was there. Does anyone know of any organisations or shops here that take them, rather than just taking them to the Wertstoffhof? Thank you!
  5. English speakers in Neustadt/Wstr

    Hi have literally only just registered with Toytown. I haven't met many English speakers in the area either! Hubby and I have just moved to Neustadt/Weinstraße from Bad Dürkheim, been in the Pfalz since 2015.