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  1. Rent in Freising

    How much rent should I expect to pay for a three room apartment with a fitted kitchen in Freising?  As I would rely on the public transport, I want to live relatively close to Freising city center.    Thanks in advance!   Best regards, Saurabh  
  2. Opening a new bank account

      Deutsche bank and DKB bank are completely different. Am I right?   Thanks!
  3. Opening a new bank account

    I was considering Commerzbank bank but then I read a lot of bad reviews  
  4. Opening a new bank account

    Hi,   I have recently moved to Munich/Freising for a permanent job. Do you have a suggestion as in which bank I should open mine and my wife's account. I want to have a free account and where I can do online banking and mobile banking comfortably in English. I am reading a lot about N26 bank. What's your suggestion on this ? Deutsche Bank is offering me a partnership account which is free but I am not sure it I will be able to do online/mobile banking in English there.     Thanks and regards, Saurabh  
  5. Moving to Munich!

    Thanks for your reply. I have searched TT. However, I haven't got answers for my questions especially when my work place is in freising and I have a baby daughter. I would humble request you all to help me with my above questions. Thanks in advance
  6. Moving to Munich!

    Hi Guys,   I am considering to move from Belgium to Munich along with my family (wife and 1 year old daughter). My company is in Freising. Can I please ask you for the following questions:   1. What would be a good / above average salary in this region? 2. What is the rent that I can expect to pay for a 3 room apartment? 3. Any suggestions for a good location to live ? I was thinking of a place which is both closer to my work and to the Munich city. Please note that I don't have car as of now and would depend on the public transport. 4. What would be the cost of public transport? 5. Are creches/nursery in Munich/Feeding good? How long can it take for me to find one? 6. Any tips that I should take care while relocating and settling in Munich/Freising?   Thanks in advance!