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  1. Hi,   We have recently moved to Freising, Germany. Can you please suggest a good English-speaking general physician and pediatrician in Freising?   Thanks in advance!  
  2. Selling old furnitures

    Hello,  We just moved to Freising, and wondering if there are some physical or online shops or online groups where we can sell our used furniture items? Also, what is the process and cost if we have to discard them?   Thanks and regards,
  3. Rent in Freising

    How much rent should I expect to pay for a three room apartment with a fitted kitchen in Freising?  As I would rely on the public transport, I want to live relatively close to Freising city center.    Thanks in advance!   Best regards, Saurabh  
  4. Opening a new bank account

      Deutsche bank and DKB bank are completely different. Am I right?   Thanks!
  5. Opening a new bank account

    I was considering Commerzbank bank but then I read a lot of bad reviews  
  6. Opening a new bank account

    Hi,   I have recently moved to Munich/Freising for a permanent job. Do you have a suggestion as in which bank I should open mine and my wife's account. I want to have a free account and where I can do online banking and mobile banking comfortably in English. I am reading a lot about N26 bank. What's your suggestion on this ? Deutsche Bank is offering me a partnership account which is free but I am not sure it I will be able to do online/mobile banking in English there.     Thanks and regards, Saurabh