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  1. Brexit, New residence permits

    Yep. Good to know it's not just Stuttgart.   I'm having a bet with myself for which happens first: appointment at Auslanderbehörde or vaccination. Or death. One of the three.
  2. Coronavirus

    Thanks. I did once get to the second stage, put in my age and then it told me there were no appointments (no code given). I assume this is because I am/was too young for AZ which presumably is all they had.    My employer has said they'll be vaccinating people from June. I think that's probably my best opportunity.  
  3. Coronavirus

    I have a bit of envy of my British colleagues getting vaccinated, but not so much when they're ill afterwards.   A question: I'm on the site. I've opened a tab for each of the two options for Stuttgart. It asks if I've had my eligibility checked and I say no and it tells me there are no appointments. I've been leaving those tabs open and several times a day pressing that no button after which it thinks for a couple of seconds and says there are no appointments available.   But am I doing this wrong? If I refresh the page I go back to the "Virtueller Waterraum" and then eventually get back to the same page and say No again and it again tells me there are no appointments. Does refreshing the page and going through the waiting room make a difference? Anyone with experience of actually getting through this thing? 
  4. Coronavirus

      I'd love to know what that means.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Tax avoidance. That's what you need to know.   It's also somewhat questionable as any boost to business at a freeport is offset by the loss of business at the non-free port down the road.
  6. Coronavirus

    That seems to be the story. My Dad got Biontech and was fine (so I know 50% of my DNA is okay with it). The good news it that my colleague who was off sick for a couple of days after the first dose noticed nothing at all after the second.    
  7. Coronavirus

    As yet another one of my colleagues in the UK is off sick today having received the AZ jab, I would prefer to avoid it, within reason. Does anyone know what the current deal is? I read it's now allowed for under 60s, but does that mean the Impfzentren are doing it for under 60s or is it still only at the doctor's?   It's a bit academic anyway as since becoming eligible a week ago the booking site only ever tells me there are no appointments available.     
  8. If you've been here less than 5 years you get "temporary residence". The difference is if you leave for more than 6 months you lose your residence (some exceptions), whereas someone with with "permanent" residence can leave for up to 5 years. As long as you don't do that and continue to be eligible under the old FOM, the right lasts forever, although the card will need renewing (I think it was 10 years).
  9. I think the main reason to want privacy for this sort of thing is you don't want people finding out how boring you are. "Hey look! This guy's never even had an STI vaccination!".    If and when I get an Impfpass I'm tempted to make up a few exotic sounding diseases and write them in.
  10. Short-term apartment rent

    I rented a place from AgentHome (which I think is coming-home in Berlin) for 3 months. Of course 18 months later and I'm still here, partly because it was a lot more difficult than I thought to find somewhere else; partly because Corona happened but mostly because I've ended up quite liking it and all the other places I saw were crap by comparison. The downside is that it's expensive and that it's fully furnished which I didn't really want, at least not long term.   As it happened I was in Stuttgart for work a couple of weeks before moving and that's when they emailed the contract so I hand delivered it to their office. I didn't see the place properly but did take a walk up the road (wasn't really sure which building it was). But I could have done the whole thing from the UK; they just wanted a scan of my work contract and passport + money.   I think get yourself here, get settled for a few months, learn what is what, and then look properly. A lot of things become easier once you have a proper address; e.g. getting a German phone number and bank account. Landlords often want to see 3 payslips so you obviously can't do that in the first month. Then there's the whole Schufa question.      
  11. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

    In York there's a place called Hair Flick's. Made me laugh.    
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    The result was never binding; it was always going to be interpreted by the politicians. The question is if it had been clear on the ballot paper that leave didn't mean ending FOM and would mean following EU rules and regulations but now without being part of the decision making process, would people have voted for it? I suspect many Brexiteers would think it wasn't worth it; it wasn't Brexit and so Remain would have won by a landslide, but the campaign for a proper Brexit referendum would have receieved a huge boost and UKIP would have become ever more popular. OTOH had the ballot paper made it clear that Brexit meant leaving the SM and CU probably the result would have been the same.   Of course all this assumes that it makes sense to have the general population make yes/no decisions on complicated and detailed trade arrangements. People don't know what the SM and CU mean in practice, but they do understand "Freedom of Movement", which sounds scary as long as you don't think about it, and "Take back control" even though they don't know what control they have lost and what control can be taken back anyway.     
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      I'm on your side. But as we know immigration was the main driver behind Brexit and the number one alternative reason Brexiteers like to use to pretend it wasn't about immigration was about "taking control of our laws". Clearly the people who voted for Brexit intended Freedom of Movement to end; incompatible with staying in the SM, and moving from a situation where laws are made jointly to rules are made by someone else and the UK must follow is clearly not what they had in mind either. It's somewhat wishful thinking to believe that the option existed to take what it said on the ballot paper literally.            
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    I think that claim is pretty dubious. Ending freedom of movement and not following rules and regulations from Brussels were very clearly big parts of what was promised. It could have happened if we'd had politicians prepared to compromise, but it would have required some bold leadership.   But that aside (and we could argue about that all day), I don't think you're right about the SM. Norway is in the SM but still has control of its fishing waters. The UK still being in the SM wouldn't have affected this. Norway's fishing deal with the EU wouldn't have included the UK and the UK's fishing deal with the EU wouldn't have included Norway.    
  15.   I think the way it works is that because the Hausarzt is responsible for my general health it's up to him to check that the drugs aren't killing me, whereas the specialist is respsonsible for making sure the drugs are being effective in stopping my immune system from killing me. It was the same in the UK.   I only found out the specialist needed my results when I went to collect the 3rd or 4th prescription. They let me have that one, so it's never been an issue. Just a little annoying that both can't just use a computer system.