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  1.   Barclays account plus Barclaycard here. I had to "video chat" on the phone app to get them to change the address. The lady I spoke to didn't know, but said I probably wouldn't be able to keep the Barclaycard, and I should wait for a letter. It's possible they've already sent me a letter as she managed to input my address wrong, as did the second person.    Wierdly she also told me that although the phone app will continue to work on this phone, I won't be able to use it ever on another phone. I don't understand why that would be.   I mentioned my Father gets a UK pension into a UK account registered in France, but he's with Santandar and that seems to be okay.      
  2. In both cases, not everyone has a UK address. I've been paying for mail forwarding so far, which meant when I got a new credit card a month ago (after some fraudulent activity) it was forwarded to me in Germany. But mail forwarding is expensive (£140 per quarter IIRC). Also for the credit card the registered address can matter.
  3. So funnily enough I chose this week to finally tell Barclays where I've moved to. I used the online chat, and at first it seemed like it was going to be really easy and they just asked my address. Then it went quiet a bit, and they told me I have to call and discuss the "consequences". Which sounds ominous.   Haven't done it yet, but yesterday I saw a Youtube video on this subject. I don't care that much about the bank account, but I would like to keep my Barclaycard. Will call tomorrow and find out.    I also have a Starling account (opened in the UK) with a Euro account, which I'd definitely recommend if you can get one.   My Dad lives in France and receives a UK pension paid into his UK bank account, but registered in France. Not sure how that's going to work out.     
  4. The site says:   Maybe that's new because of Brexit. But it's pretty clear.
  5. Thanks. The point is after 6 months of living here you have to convert your licence. If I wasn't living here my UK licence would be valid through the transition period (and afterwards I'm sure), but that's different.    It turns out the first aid course and Sehtest are only for people outside EU/EEA and some other listed countries so I should be okay. Which is good as I've found out the first aid course takes 8 hours, and although I found someone offering it in English the first available date was November.   How do you even get a "Ämtliche Übersetzung" (official translation) of a licence? The UK licence is of course an EU licence so it's meant to be understood in the EU. "Driver's licence" = Führerschein; Date of Birth = Geburtsdatum. There you go; done!
  6. Bump. I know this in in the Frankfurt section, but it seems to be the best thread.   I've been here since 1st Jan, so just over the 6 months. I haven't been driving, but did want to hire a car. Is this really bad? Would that be treated as driving without a licence? I'm guessing many British expats have been driving around for years on their UK licences...   A couple of questions on the procedure. I got the form for Stuttgart... first aid course, Sehtest - okay PITA. Do I really need to get a German translation of my UK drivers licence? I can't believe they'd apply that for English.   It says:  Mein erster Grenzübertritt in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland erfolgte am... I assume they want to know when I moved here permanently and not my very first trip over the border..   Thanks for any help.