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  1. Brexit, New residence permits

    Thanks. I guess even if it's not strictly speaking ID most people who are likely to ask for it would have no idea that it wasn't.   I'm wondering if there's any reason for me to put it in my wallet. Probably not.
  2. Brexit, New residence permits

    Yaay I've got my card!   It's for 5 years. Interestingly it says "Pass(ersatz)" followed by my passport number and its expiry date. So does that mean I can use this instead of a passport to cross borders up to that date? I guess so. But does that mean it's valid as ID? At the Auslanderbehörde there was a poster for the Aufenthaltstitel cards with "not ID!" and "only valid with a passport!" (auf Deutsch). I don't know how you can have something that replaces a passport but is only valid with a passport.   They also want me to send back the Fiktionsbescheinigung, and will report me to the police if I don't.     
  3. Brexit, New residence permits

    At least you don't have to leave the country now ;-)   €42,50 sounds familiar. They told me €35 in the email, which I thought was probably a typo as I'd read it was €37. But I didn't argue.
  4. BREXIT positives and negatives

      That one really did make me laugh out loud.
  5. Brexit, New residence permits

    Glad you're getting somewhere.   I got a letter a week ago (dated a week before that) with all the E-Ident codes. it also said that my card had been printed and sent to them, but so far they haven't sent it to me (as they told me) or asked me to collect it. Might have to chase that up. It seems that it took about 3 weeks for the Bundesdruckerei to print the thing, which is good as they told me 2-3 months. Not quite as good as my drivers licence which took 2 days ;-).
  6. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Supply and demand always rules at the end of the day, but the dubious part is that it's not coming about naturally but rather being politically driven, At least there's a little bit of honesty creeping back into Brexit as Brexiteers are now talking about immigration again after insisting since 2016 it was nothing to do with immigration. I'm sure we've all had the argument before: get rid of EU immigrants and companies will have to pay more, meaning UK workers will do the jobs, and there'll be a new impetus to train people to do the jobs and so the only shortages will be short-term. I guess we'll find out if it works or not.   I plan to find out if it works or not from the safe distance of Germany. Somehow I earn a fair bit more for doing literally the same job I did in the UK despite Germany still being in the EU.
  7. Higher rent because of home office?!!

    Is this about electricity usage, or "commercial" use? Seems a bit confused.   My rent includes the electricity and there's a clause in the contract about excessive use; the rent would also be higher if there were a second person here. If the landlord is paying the bill then it is his business, within reason, what you use it for. I've been thinking about buying a Tesla, for example. I don't think it would be reasonable to plug that in and say "It's none of your business". ;-)
  8. Cyclists are 3rd class in Germany

    All the gear and no idea.   Here there are hills, and I must admit everytime I'm grinding my way up one and have someone on an E-bike cruise past I wonder why I didn't buy one. Whilst they go up hill faster they're certainly not doing a dangerous speed, and as said 25Km/h is average-ish speed on a flat road anyway and easily exceeded going downhill. Somewhere I read about a study that showed that there are more health benefits to Ebikes as people use them more. Getting up the hills is a major factor in putting people off cycling; more Ebikes = more cyclists = better cycling infrastructure and more awareness of cyclists = safer for all.
  9.   It's not as made up as you might think.    Though if you're seeing glow in the dark Wildschweine you've been eating the mushrooms.
  10. Windows 11

    Yes so I read. It's a bit strange that they say "1GHz 2 core" because that sounds like it'll run on pretty ancient hardware.
  11. Windows 11

    Just tried out the tool. The specs on the website are pretty low: 4GB RAM, 720p, 1GHz processor with 2 or more cores. But apparently my i7 5600 2.6GHz isn't good enough for Windows 11.   Not that I care ;-) 
  12. Savings & Investments Germany

    Scalable here too, though I have no experience of any others. I set up a portfoilio with their wizard with a monthly payment as well as using the broker account to do things manually, split about 50/50. If you want the hands-off and relative "safe" approach then do the former. I think there's a lot to be said for the set something up and ignore it approach to saving.    My first year in Germany I left a load of money in a savings account with 0.000000% interest. That was dumb.
  13. BREXIT positives and negatives

    That argument looks pretty weak post-Brexit. UKIP won. With 1 MP. And they did it by getiting enough of a share of the vote to threaten the majority of one of the main parties; keeping them out of Parliament was irrelevant and may have actually helped them with the whole "anti establishment" nonsense.   The same could happen in Germany. There's not much chance of the AfD actually winning an election, but the CDU/CSU could start adopting their policies if that's where the votes are. 
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

    The 2010 government had 59% of the vote - sort of, because you could also argue they had 0% of the vote. But that's how it works with coallitions. I actually wanted the coallition to continue, but that wasn't an option on the ballot paper (But I do agree with the point completely).   The claim that the 2019 General Election was a pro-Brexit vote is pretty ridiculous. By the same logic, the fact that the British people voted for pro-EU governments in every General Election for decades means the people didn't want to leave. UKIP peaked at about 12.5% in 2015 I think; so even in 2015 87.5% of the voters wanted to stay in the EU, and if we apply the same "FPTP is what counts" logic then the country was 99.8% Remain because UKIP only won one seat.   The fact is General Elections aren't about a single issue. There were a lot more pro-EU conservatives voters than you might think, but they feared Corbyn more than Brexit, and of course there would have been a large number of pro-Brexit Labour voters. 
  15. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Yes - C1 = up to 7.5 tonnes; C1E = up to 12 tonnes with a trailer. I have both on my German licence (at least for a couple of years) and they were copied from my UK licence (from 1988). I think they stopped handing those out in the UK at some point, but there must be a few million Brits with the same entitelment. And that doesn't include an HGV as an HGV is Heavy.   Is this another Suffolk Gazette story?