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  1. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Not sure why anyone would think that would get rid of something installed on the computer.   I looked at my spam folder yesterday and there was a "we have bad news for you" email claiming to have hacked my email, stolen all my personal data and noticed that I liked to enjoy porn sites and have video of me enjoying porn sites. The weird thing is they wanted me to send them bitcoin, but you'd think people technically astute enough to have bit coin wouldn't fall for these scams. OTOH perhaps people gullible enough to fall for these scams are also gullible enough to have bitcoin ... but that's another discussion.
  2. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Does Denmark have an Anmeldungspflicht - does anybody know? Otherwise it might not have been so easy. Every registered Brit in Germany was contacted, or at least should have been.   It's crap, but I still think he's an idiot. I moved here in Jan 2020, so like him after it was known Brexit was happening, and I made damn sure I kept up to date with what I needed to do.  HR also contacted all the Brits to tell us we needed to register (rather late).   Edit: clicked on the link and now I realise this is a second Brit being kicked out of Denmark.
  3. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

      Not exactly a bank but I remember Barclaycard ringing me and then asking me to identify myself - mother's maiden name and so on. Of course I said "You called me. You tell me my mother's maiden name otherwise how do I know you're really Barclaycard?". Which they wouldn't. It was actually genuine in the end, but I called them and waited an hour in a queue to find that out.   For years if not decades I've had the Barclays calculator thingy to generate a code. My account in Germany is with PhotoTAN which actually is pretty good I think. Only thing is if I lost my phone I'd be screwed and that might include not being able to buy a new phone without having a phone to approve the purchase.
  4.   Last week I experimented with turning the underfloor heating down and although the floors remained cold I couldn't get the air temperature to go much below 20 degrees. That's what you get for good insulation. But TBH (and at the risk of this become a four yorkshiremen sketch) it felt pretty chilly and by the weekend I was sick of it and turned it up again. I guess 20 degrees air temperature isn't cold, but I found everything felt cold - like the walls, floor and furniture were all radiating cold at me and when I was home all day, the cold was getting to me despite wearing several layers. And I don't want to sit at home in my winter coat.   Mine's included in the rent so I've no idea how much any of it costs. I could go mad and go for tropical heat; although from what people here are saying that might actually save the Vermeterin some money.   I've been going into work a few times a week where it's always boiling hot and the first thing I have to do is open a window. Not to mention all the PCs being left on as people are working remotely.    
  5. I have a small 1-cup cafetière and a manual coffee grinder - that's as Italian as I'm prepared to get. If I want a second cup I start from scratch. I never understood having a pot of coffee sat around for hours even ignoring the wasted energy aspect.        
  6. Odd news

      I thought there were supposed to be more people alive today than had ever lived, which would make that wrong. However I googled and I'm catastrophically wrong. According to this it's 109 billion that have ever lived and 7% of the humans that have ever existed are still alive today. Which is nice.
  7. BREXIT positives and negatives

    I read that. But a) he's an idiot. He moved to a country and didn't bother to check out, or at least keep up with what he was legally required to do to live there. And b ) if he's got a half-decent job can he not get a work permit anyway? (I have a feeling the EU blue card doesn't apply in Denmark, but maybe I'm wrong).   This is a better feel-good Brexit story:   Did we do this?
  8. Can I use a UK sim card in a German phone?

      As it happens I was with Tesco PAYG in the UK when I moved here in 2020. I kept it for about 9 months in Germany (and without going back) without any issues. Maybe they don't enforce it, but obviously they're assuming you live in the UK and one problem with a mobile phone is that your provider knows where you really are.
  9. Can I use a UK sim card in a German phone?

      Not that I've ever been able to work out.    Reading this thread it sounds like your UK PAYG SIM has stopped working because of you not being in the UK and you think buying a phone in Germany will solve that. It won't. You could get a German SIM for free and put it in your UK phone, assuming there's nothing wrong with it, but of course you'd have a German phone number.
  10. My Wohnung has a giant sliding glass door, so I open that and partially open the windows for 5 mins every morning and it seems to work well. When I did it this morning the digital thermometer I have showed only a half a degree drop in temperature but the humidity dropped from 58% to 40%. 5 minutes after closing up and the temperature is back where it was, but the humidity stays low.   It does work, but it's helped here by the fact the underfloor heating mostly works in the mornings and so the floors are warm when I do the Stoßlüftung.    
  11. Would you like to get taller?

      I've been the same height since I was 14 but I was seriously skinny until I was 27 when out of nowhere I gained 3 stones in 2 months. So then I had to buy some new stuff in a hurry as I couldn't do my jeans up. I've stayed the same ever since and it's a lot easier to buy clothes now that I'm a sensible weight for my height rather than a beanpole.
  12. Would you like to get taller?

    I'm 6 foot and a bit, so no. I was just in the supermarket and an elderly lady asked me to get something from the top shelf for her. I had to stretch; probably the average sized woman and shorter men wouldn't be able to reach. So that must be a pain to live with.   I had two colleagues who were 6'7 and I remember talking to the pair of them whilst standing up and feeling very intimidated. I'd not experienced that before, but it occurred to me that must be how it is for a lot of people all of the time and probably most of all for women who work in male dominated environments.
  13. Didn't you open a UK HSBC account?    Seems crazy that Barclays wouldn't let you keep a UK current account as long as you had a UK mortgage from them.
  14.   If they'd given me the option of swapping my UK Barclaycard for a German one I'd have gladly taken it. But it was just cancelled, and I'd have had to start from zero with Barclays in Germany - not exactly keeping their EU customers. I can't remember why, but I applied for the Hanseatic card instead and yes the limit is crap.   
  15.   They closed Barclaycard accounts a year ago.   BTW the letter from Barclays says crown employees are exempt and can keep accounts open. Also it says something about if you live in the UK but the address in the EEA is someone with power of attorney or an accountant - I don't know if there's a workaround there. Probably not a legal one.