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  1. BTW I did this earlier this year at the Stuttgart Führerscheinstelle and because of Corona had to get an appointment. I phoned in November and the appointment was for February. Don't know if that still applies, but don't expect it to be fast.      
  2. Coronavirus

    Probably need to add the word "subsequently".   I read the other day that 1.6 million people have been told by the app to isolate. This is the new "Freedom" we've heard so much about.
  3. Problems Installing COVpass app

    Don't know about the CovPass app, but I initially couldn't install the Covid Warn app on my UK phone for similar reasons. Then having given up and moaned about it to a few people with no power to do anything about it, I tried again a few months later and it worked. And that works fine with the German QR code.    I have the same Google account I always did so if it's now a German account I've no idea how.     
  4. Only because they die of something else first.   Sensible answer: It obviously depends how many people get vaccinated. If 99.9% do, and you're one of the 0.1% you're probably fine. The virus won't be circulating. OTOH if 40% refuse then probably everyone will get it sooner or later, unless they're lucky enough to die first. Anti-vaxers who don't have their kids vaccinated against Measels claim that because their kids don't get measels they were right to do so. But the reason their kids don't get measels is because all the other kids have been vaccinated.
  5. Coronavirus

    The next super-spreader event is the British Grand Prix in 2 weeks that's going ahead as normal with 150,000 or so fans.    I had my second Biontech vaccination yesterday, 4 weeks after the first (brought forward 2 weeks). I was given the QR code and it works fine in the app; just need to wait 2 weeks now. That part of the process seemed a bit disorganised as when I was in the cool down room they were calling out names and asking if anyone hadn't received theirs.
  6. 26,000 in the UK. And that's not counting yesterday's super spreader event.    Second vaccination on Sunday (moved forwards 2 weeks) and I was thinking I'd wait the 2 weeks after that and then try to go away somewhere. If the delta variant is about to hit Germany in a similar way maybe I should stay here.
  7. Risk of letting others know your IBAN

    Who can create transfers from just your IBAN? I set up a Depot earlier this year, and okay it's a bank but it's not the same bank as for my Giro Konto. However just by giving them the IBAN they were able to immediately (well after 4 days) take €10K from my account and a recurring payment every month.      I also have a small storage locker. I set it up not long after I arrived, and to be honest there was a bit of language confusion, but I'm certain I didn't give them any bank details and instead paid for the first few months with my UK credit card. When an invoice arrived I paid it online from my German bank account, and repeated that 3 or 4 times. But one month I was late and they deducted the money from my account automatically, and continue to do so. But I don't know how.
  8. 21st Century Steam Power

    I wonder what happens to all the batteries and solar panels at the end of their life. Seems like that could be an environmental disaster in waiting.   It seems to me that every roof in the country could potentially have solar panels installed and that would be a major step. However it wouldn't produce enough power by itself and you'd still need large centralised power stations, for which nuclear may be the best/least bad option, plus wind, plus storage. And there are other options for storage.   And in a country where most people rent, the government needs to incentivise landloards to invest in these sort of things. The UK's obsession with home ownership may actually be an advantage here.    
  9. Coronavirus

    My second vaccination was due in just under 3 weeks (i.e Sunday), but I've just got an email saying they're only doing AZ that day and I can rebook with several dates including this Sunday, i.e. 4 weeks after the first. The Impfzentrum's website says if it's per their request and you stick to the minimum (21 days for Biontech) it is allowed under the 6 weeks. I've booked it, and the email says minimum 6 weeks distance from the first...  Seems I'll have to send an email.   But is it a good thing? Everyone's talking about speeding up the second vaccinations to get better protection from the delta variant, but do you lose something by not waiting?    
  10. That seems wrong. There are agreements for cross-border workers, but it sounds like (s)he will be working at home and so that wouldn't apply.   There are a whole load of other problems with this. For example, which country's employment laws would apply? Your German employer isn't going to want to have to deal with that, unless they already have a subsidary in that country that could employ you.  
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    I think we all called that one back in 2016.   I remember Theresa May announcing to Parliament that her government had secured a great new deal for consumers where they wouldn't have to pay roaming charges in most of Europe. And all this without a single mention of the EU.
  12. Brexit, New residence permits

    All done by post now I believe. I haven't done it, but I did look it up recently as mine is due in < 2 years.
  13. Saying you're looking for a new job means to the boss "I don't really want to leave. I want a payrise/promition/work on something different", and that can backfire, though the most likely way it backfires is that you allow yourself to be convinced by what turn out to be empty promises. You then end up spending another year at the company doing the crap that you hate when you should have moved on.   Better not to say anything. People leave; any decent employer knows that.    
  14. Microwave without a rotating plate

    It's not exactly "latest developments" but I remember when I was a teenager back in the 80s my parents bought one that came without a turntable. I remember the shop assistant explaining this was a different system that didn't need it. Worked okay; I don't think there was ever an issue.
  15. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

      I went out on the bike a couple of times at the weekend in the hottest part of the day. It had a bit of a post-apocalyptic feel as there was no-one around. A sunny Saturday and normally be thousands of people down by the Bären See but obviously everyone sensible was staying indoors. Made me think of the song "Mad dogs and Englishmen".