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  1. The site says:   Maybe that's new because of Brexit. But it's pretty clear.
  2. Thanks. The point is after 6 months of living here you have to convert your licence. If I wasn't living here my UK licence would be valid through the transition period (and afterwards I'm sure), but that's different.    It turns out the first aid course and Sehtest are only for people outside EU/EEA and some other listed countries so I should be okay. Which is good as I've found out the first aid course takes 8 hours, and although I found someone offering it in English the first available date was November.   How do you even get a "Ämtliche Übersetzung" (official translation) of a licence? The UK licence is of course an EU licence so it's meant to be understood in the EU. "Driver's licence" = Führerschein; Date of Birth = Geburtsdatum. There you go; done!
  3. Bump. I know this in in the Frankfurt section, but it seems to be the best thread.   I've been here since 1st Jan, so just over the 6 months. I haven't been driving, but did want to hire a car. Is this really bad? Would that be treated as driving without a licence? I'm guessing many British expats have been driving around for years on their UK licences...   A couple of questions on the procedure. I got the form for Stuttgart... first aid course, Sehtest - okay PITA. Do I really need to get a German translation of my UK drivers licence? I can't believe they'd apply that for English.   It says:  Mein erster Grenzübertritt in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland erfolgte am... I assume they want to know when I moved here permanently and not my very first trip over the border..   Thanks for any help.  
  4.   Apparently not? I said it doesn't protect YOU, the wearer, because the filtering is next to non-existent (at least not with the one I have which is probably fairly typical).  I made no statement at all about it protecting others, which I wouldn't disagree with.   It seems a few people have imagined something I said and then got upset about it. Somewhat ironic that Dessa attacked me for not reading things properly.   I haven't been here very long, but it seems this forum has a very aggressive nature. 
  5.   Maybe next time you drive into a wall at 200km/h you should wear something better than a swimming cap because you're not making any sense ;-)    Please explain the relevance to a home made mask that doesn't filter the air not providing the wearer with any protection from something floating in the air. Or are you saying that it does? Or are you saying that a mask is only effective after you've thrown it off the Eiffel tower?
  6. I assure you I've read all the sentences in that post and I've still no idea what you're talking about.
  7. Coronavirus

    You probably shouldn't use the word "cure". That conjurs up images of TV shows where the hero gets the "cure" to a dying child just in time - and five minutes later he or she's up in bed and everything is okay.   Doctors would say "treatment". And a treatment could be something like Chemotherapy - not something that you'd give to anyone unless it you were sure it was less bad than the disease. Even if it stops people from dying the long term effects of a treatment could also be quite severe.   On the subject of herd immunity. Is there a precedent? Was the Plague, Spanish Flu, Sars or Small Pox stopped by herd immunity?    
  8. I have bought some TP! I've only seen massive packs the last week, but today there was a pack of 6 and although I'd only normally buy 2 or 4 I decided that was close enough. With the rationing I'm doing that's probably enough to see me all the way through this pandemic and well into the next one.   Also tried out the mask that somebody made me in the supermarket. TBH it's probably a bit too thick: with it tied around the back of my head I couldn't really breathe; much better was to have it loose and attached to my ears - which was okay, but what was clear is that I was breathing through the gap in the bottom and so any kind of filtering was purely coincidental. Which proves the point about home made masks not protecting you.
  9. Coronavirus

    Unfortunately that only shows Berlin and Hesse. It'd be interesting to see NRW, Bayern and BW.
  10. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    Thanks. So Kurzarbeit is a government scheme that presumably comes with conditions - that's sort of what I guessed. I assume when you say the unions want a reduction in working time you mean for the same money.    
  11. Coronavirus

    It's a trick question, though I should have said "number of people per capita". Every country has the same number of people per capita: i.e. 1.   Unless some don't have heads ;-) But then they probably shouldn't be counted.
  12. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    Bump. Can anyone tell me what the distinction is between Kurzarbeit and Arbeitszeitverkürzung?    
  13. Coronavirus

    They can if Germany is closer to reaching herd immunity than Sweden.   Does anyone know which European country has the highest population per capita?
  14. Coronavirus

      If I were to be really cynical I'd say this is like the "crash position" they tell you to adopt when your plane is about to crash. It's not going to make any difference, but people panic less when they've been given something to do.   Seems to me: 1. If you have to wear a mask to go out, you go out less. Or you do it quicker. 2. Masks look scary. I know it's dumb but I still unconsciously give people wearing masks a wide birth. This also encourages people to take the whole thing more seriously, and adds to the sense that things aren't normal so you can't act normally. 3. If you're wearing a mask you probably don't stop and chat with people.   All of which is positive. The problem is everybody gets used to wearing them, and then those benefits disappear.   And maybe it does stop some infected people spreading the disease. Apparently Jena has had no new cases in 13 days (and they've had a Maskenpflicht since 6. April): (Detusch)
  15. Coronavirus

    Why?   We keep saying the idea is not to protect you but to protect you from spreading the virus if you have it. If you have the virus, then washing your own mask makes no difference, and if you don't have the virus, then the only way washing the mask makes any difference is if the outside is contaminated - that is someone has sneezed on you. In which case if your own mask can't protect you you've now got the virus. Either way washing the mask makes no difference. Same about all the advice about washing your hands after taking the mask off etc.