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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      How would it be possible for the EU to do that?
  2. Tea stains on kitchen counter

      I've ordered a Magic Eraser to try. Not really sure what it is - seems to be a fancy sponge. Same goes for the cleaning stone. "Something acidic" sounds like it might work; white vinegar gets recommended as an alternative to baking soda. And it seems you can buy "Barkeeper's friend" on Amazon so maybe I'll give that a try.   Thanks for suggestions.
  3. Tea stains on kitchen counter

    Thanks. Paint sounds like it'd work for a small fleck but for a bigger area you'd end up with a patch that didn't quite match the rest and then you'd end up trying to do all of it and you see where that leads.   So maybe bleach + wax to repair the damage done by the bleach is the way.
  4. Hallo zusammen,   Here there's a white laminate (I think) kitchen counter that appears to be an extra-super Ezy-stain surface. When I was first here over a year ago and hadn't paid too much attention to cleaning I obviously left something on there that left a couple of rings - I think tea but the rings are more plate sized. So probably just a spill. This was about the time that all the cleaning products disappeared from the shelves so I didn't have anything there and then to attack it with.    When the hamsters had calmed down a bit I bought some typical cleaning stuff, but nothing helped. Google pointed me to using a baking soda paste, but that didn't do anything (it did remove a ring I'd got from a beetroot jar on the window sill and gets the spoons shiny). I found some spray with 5% bleach and that  seemed to make it fade so I figured if I kept using it it would eventually go. But some months later and it is still quite visible in daylight.   I'm reluctant to use bleach as I did that once before - it worked but obviously damaged the surface and left it feeling rough.   Any other suggestions? Just accept that I'm buying the Vemertin a new kitchen top when I leave?
  5. How long can I stay in Germany?

    It does sound like it. Does the card say GB on it because I understood the ones we get under the WA are specific Aufenthaltsdokument-GB to distinguish us from other third-country scum. (I wouldn't know as I'm still waiting for an appointment).   Glad it worked out for you. Also I'm glad the doom mongers on here were wrong ;-).
  6. Coronavirus

    And if hundreds of thousands start visiting doctors because of a headache a couple of weeks after getting the vaccine, that's a huge burden for the health system. If doctors take it seriously and start sending them for scans - well that obviously won't be possible. Even if the risk is tiny the consequences of the anxiety could be much bigger. And anxiety can be a cause of headaches.   Logically I know I shouldn't worry if I were offered the AZ vaccine. But I won't be unhappy to be given a different one. Of course similar problems could yet arise with the other vaccines.    
  7. Coronavirus

    It's also assuming AZ is the only vaccine in town. The comparison shouldn't be the risk of the AZ vaccine vs. not being vaccinated at all but the risk of having AZ now vs. waiting a bit longer for another vaccine.    
  8. You won't have that problem here.    
  9. I think you've answered your own question. I feel like I've done Berlin. I've been there 6 or 7 times, I spent 3 weeks there at a language school in 2019 and that was more than enough noise and endless grafitti covered city streets for me. You have to travel miles to find a single hill, and then it turns out not even to be a real hill but one made out of rubble. I was offered a job there and I'm glad I didn't take it; definitely not for me.   Stuttgart has hills and forests and valleys covered with vineyards. It is slightly spoiled by someone putting Stuttgart in it of course, but at least it has those things. I do quite like it here, but I don't live in the city. I couldn't tell you what goes on at 4am as I've been in bed for 5 or 6 hours by then, but the one time I stayed in a hotel in the city centre it was annoyingly noisy late at night. it is a city of 600,000 people so it's not going to be dead, but it's obviously not Berlin.    Of course much like Londoners Berliners think nothing else exists; or if it does exist isn't worth mentioning. If you subscribe to that you're not going to like it anywhere else.          
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    It's a kind of Stockholm Syndrome. It's easier to cope with the awful situation you're in if you start believing that the people that want to do you harm are actually good people with good intentions and maybe everything isn't that bad after all.   I think an export ban is inevitable, but I hope they do it in a definsible way instead of explicitly singling out the UK. E.g. they could say vaccines can't be exported to countries that have vaccinated more than a third of the population in order to achieve a fairer distribution. When people start shouting you just ask them to explain why they believe their lives are more important, for which there isn't an answer.
  11. Brexit, New residence permits

      I'm only worried about HR applying the rules as they see it, and obviously there's confusion. If I have the right to work indefinitely anyway, why did the Auslanderbehörde send me a letter confirming that I have the right to work until 31st December? 
  12. Brexit, New residence permits

      They said originally that we all retain the right to work up until the 30th June. Which means on the 1st July your employer should send you home unless you have something to say you do have the right to work (I have a confirmation letter that applies until 31st December), or the government has made a statement that the 30th June deadline has been extended. 
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Fortunately my Dad is a bigger Remainer than I am. Though he's basically stopped speaking to his brother as they just argue.   If the EU now go through with blocking vaccine exports to the UK it'll be the best thing Boris and Co. could have hoped for.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Because of Brexit not because of the deal.  Once they'd ruled out all the things that would have been better for the UK then a tarrif free trade deal was the best that could be done. I was a bit surprised they didn't reclaim more of the fishing rights, but other than that they achieved what they wanted with the deal.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

      I thought the deal was a good deal. The problem is it's a hard-Brexit deal, and that's what's shit.   What happens if the EU Parliament doesn't ratify it? They're allowing it to function as if it was ratified, but at some point they're going to have to tear that up and start imposing tariffs.