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  1. Quarks did a video (Auf deutsch)   Coffee filters work best, with the slight drawback that you can't breathe.
  2. Coronavirus

    What happens if you sneeze into your mask? Do you walk around with snot in your face for the rest of the day, or do you take it off and do without? Disgusting, but a serious point.    
  3. Coronavirus

      Austria's saying the same thing, but it seems a bit more concrete:   They already have a rule about wearing masks in shops, and would extend it to cover public transport. The problem in Germany is going to be the supply of masks, unless they've suddenly made 80 million odd in the last couple of weeks.
  4. I'm still in theory trying to find somewhere to live in Stuttgart. When this is over then surely demand will be lower (if only for economic reasons) and therefore the prices will drop. Which will be good for me.
  5. The "DOWN" side of Corona

    Of course Google/Apple/Your mobile phone provider have all this already, so it's debatable whether the government being able to track you is much of a change.   On the general point, it seems to me that anyone who advocates civil liberties (which I would) understands there are limits, and those limits are when you encroach on somebody else's civil liberties. You should be able to do what you want as much as possible, but if you're carrying a disease you don't have the right to walk around infecting other people. If technology gives us a way of having some semblance of normality whilst still fighting the disease, then that's overwhelmingly good.
  6. Coronavirus

    He probably believes he's Winston Churchill, leading the brave British people out from under the threat of dastardly Europeans.   Oh wait, that was before the Virus.
  7. Coronavirus

    It's a fair point that he's PM and does get some special treatment, but it wouldn't throw the country into Chaos if Boris snuffed it. Whoever the deputy is would take over in the short term and nobody would notice any difference. In the long term we might have yet another tedious Conservative leadership contest, but it's only going to be one of the other Brexiteers that'll win and again nobody will notice any difference.     
  8. Coronavirus

    I wonder if he had to wait for hours in a corridor at an NHS hospital, or was shown straight to his private room with a ventilator reserved just for him?   Or am I being too cynical?   Germany's new cases dropped quite a bit again yesterday. Although it went down and went back up again, the last 10 days look fairly stable and the number of deaths has been about the same for a few days.     
  9.   Yes, as long as you wear it back to front.
  10.   What confused me (and maybe it was just the machine I tried) is having done that I couldn't insert any coins. But the second time I tried I wiggled the coin a bit, it went click and then I could insert the coins and get the stamps.   Maybe it was just knackered. But having not used one before I assumed I must be doing something wrong.
  11. Coronavirus

    From 1.5 metres away...    
  12. Coronavirus

    708 deaths in the UK (at least what they reported) - i.e.more than Italy, and I read about 800 in Spain which is slightly down.   The worldometers site lets you sort by deaths per million and (ignoring the tiny countries) after Italy and Spain comes Belgium, then France, then NL, then Switzerland and the UK. Which is surprising as I don't feel we've heard very much about Belgium, NL or Switzerland in all this. We hear a lot about the US, but then that's over 300 million people and actually the number of deaths there is behind Ireland (though the US is probably a bit behind Europe still).    
  13. Coronavirus

  14. Coronavirus

    This one seems to be more readily available than Clourowhateveritwas. Cue lots of people swallowing head-lice treatment and ending up dead.   I imagine a lot of things can kill covid-19 in the lab. 
  15. Coronavirus

    About the stats: