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  1. Thank you guys, all very helpful!
  2. I think the agent is just not a very effective one. And I was going to ask the beauty salon people, but I think it is in their best interest not to have this apartment transfer hands - the rent in the neighborhood is higher, compared to what was charged a few years ago when they signed the lease. Not to mention a possibility of somebody wanting them to move out, as is the case with me.   Thank you all!
  3. Thank you, lisa13! Indeed, the maklers seem to be quite the mafia 
  4. Dear Smaug,   I can certainly get in touch with the owners, but I really do not want to pay the makler. Is there a way for either me or the owners to do that?   Thanks
  5. Good morning everybody,   I have been living in Germany for about 3 years and have been looking for an apartment to buy for about one year. As most of you know, the prices are on the rise, but the bank rates are good, so this seems like a good time. Unfortunately, many people have the same ideas so many listings go fast. With the exception of this property I had my eye on for about one year.    I initially saw this apartment listed on Immo24 and recognized the building immediately - I pass it on my way to work. I contacted the realtor and asked for an expose (since the bank needs these types of things for a mortgage). He requested we meet in-person in his office beforehand (I had to go all across town for this) and he was incredibly unprofessional during the meeting - condescending, demeaning, and misogynistic.   We then scheduled a visit to the apartment at which point I had already been inside before - it's a beauty salon and I went in for an appointment a few days prior. At our viewing appointment with the realtor in question, other people were there to look at the apartment as well, which is understandable and I have no problem with. Nonetheless, he basically ignored me and could not answer most of my questions. After the viewing I had abit of travel and wanted to think about this. To be honest, he was so off-putting, I did not want to interact with him anymore. But, after much consideration, I got back in-touch with him a few months later, since the apartment was still online. His response was that the apartment would not be sold to me. Which, at that time, I took to mean that somebody else is buying it. But this was not the case! The apartment is still there, almost a year later!    So, my questions is, can I circumvent this horrible person and go straight to the owners to make them an offer? I did sign the exclusivity contract with him, but he is literally not providing the service I would have to pay him for. Moreover, he is actively preventing the sale of this property, which seems like good grounds to fire somebody, especially if the owners knew?