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  1. Dear Friends,   I hope you are doing well and would kindly give me some guidance on company car taxation question. I have checked the forum and I must have missed the exact answer to the question. If you know the right section please put in the link and I will read up again.    I understand the 1% rule plus the 0.03% or 0.0002% rule fairly well. However, what is making me think a bit is the partial flat rate choice. If I choose partial flat rate 15% for my 8-10 days of office commute in a month, it is the most tax efficient of all the options. However, I read online that if I choose the partial 15% then  "it is not allowed to consider work-related expenses in your income tax return for the portion that has been taxed with a flat-rate of 15%, i.e. for the flat-rate taxed journeys no work-related expenses can be claimed in your personal income tax return."   What other work related expenses are there that I can claim for tax relief? Something on the lease amount that I am paying (1.6% of the nett price)? I cant think of any other claim I can is pretty straightforward travel to office and back home with no customer visit i.e. just my personal commute to office.    Would be lovely if someone can share some wisdom on this.    PS: My company car is for personal use as well. 
  2. How much is enough for retirement?

    And I thought the hardship I ensure now by taking a drastically lower paycheck every month is to provide for my old age! btw, I am comparing to singapore where I lived for 8 years.  Seriously though, what do you guys save in a part from compulsory pension contributions? I mean investments within Germany specifically.  Housing market?