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  1. I have no advice for the OP, but would like to recount my story about a review.   I posted anonymously on jameda. The receptionist of the company that I had complained about remembered the call I had made, where she was incompetent and rude. I had described the incident with a recount of the facts of what happened, in a sober and factual manner.   The owner of the company contacted jameda. I was shown the company's objection in writing, and asked to put my own counter-objection in writing. The company actually admitted that the receptionist "needed some more training", i.e. she is not competent.   Jameda then pulled the review because there was a risk of a lawsuit. If threatening with a lawsuit is all it takes to get a negative review pulled, review sites are not to be trusted.
  2. Fake Google Reviews

    I phoned up a specialist to ask for a specific procedure, following a referral from a GP. The specialist's receptionist had no idea what I was talking about. I offered to phone the GP back for clarification, but the GP's receptionist said that that was something they should know at the specialist's.   When I phoned the specialist back, their receptionist still didn't know what it was. When I told her what the GP's office had said, she started screaming that I had to specify what the procedure was. It's a big no-no to scream at patients, so I hung up.   I wrote a review on Jameda, detailing the above.   The specialist replied to my review that he acknowledged my complaint, but that his receptionist needed more training.   Later, the specialist complained about the review, and Jameda asked me to clarify. What I said was true, and the specialist didn't deny it, but Jameda still pulled the review.   So I wouldn't trust reviews too much...
  3. Recently moved to Germany - any advice?

    I see that you've already booked a language course for February. Hopefully, that's with the Volkshochschule and not a commercial company. The latter often cycle pupils in and out, letting new people join every Monday. That means that existing pupils have to "revise" to let the new ones catch up. Often they don't use a book, just random handouts. They also tend to wait with starting your course until they have enough pupils signed up, which could be any time. Enjoy Germany!
  4. Raising rent during Covid, Water meter change payment

    I got a letter from Eon (the electricity company), saying that my meter will be changed for a modern, digital one. There is no charge for it, but they will "anpassen" the monthly charge that I have to pay for having the meter. No doubt that means that it will got up. Of course, this was for electricity, not water.   Rent raises can be done within the limits of the Mietspiegel, and the Mietverein can't do anything about that, is what my local Mietverein told me. However, the landlord has to give you three months warning. You can calculate how much your landlord can raise your rent using the Mietspiegel for Ulm here:   https://mietspiegel-berechnen.de/ulm_neu-ulm2019/