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  1.  @vaonba not yet actually I want peoples opinions at the beginning
  2. Hi All,   I will share my issue hoping to get some clues from you guys.   I am doing my masters at TH Koln in computer science, and working part time at the same time. My company offered me a full contract starting next March-2020, and I will be applying for a blue card with my bachelor degree, as it is recognised here in Germany according to  database. The problem is March-2020 will be my last semester (thesis writing). I don't want to reject the contract, neither I want to give up studies after 1.5 years. So my questions:   1- Can I get my blue card and start working full-time normally, and at the same time write my thesis (challenging but I can do it) ? Are there any restrictions from Universities or Auslanderburo ??   2- Does Auslanderburo ask for exmatriculation from university, or as long as I provide my bachelor degree they would be fine with it?   Thanks and I am looking forward to your thoughts.
  3. Hi @Thatperson I hope your issues have been resolved.   I have similar situation. I am doing my masters in computer science in TH Koln, and I am in the middle of talks with my company as they want to hire me permanently starting next March-2020, and I will be applying for a blue card. The issue is March-2020 will be the starting of my thesis semester. My question is: Am I allowed to work full-time under blue card status, and at the same time write my thesis? I mean there is no restriction from both, the university and the Auslanderburo ?   Thanks and I hope you help to clarify my doubt.