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  1. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    @PandaMunich So I (hopefully) have one last question!    My husband would be signed off work from next Wednesday 13th. On the same day (13th) he hands in his resignation on medical grounds. His notice period is 4 weeks to the 15th or end of the calendar month, so he would state that the 15th November is his last day. However the 15th would be 5 days into the Elternzeit he requested from work, so would the rule about giving 3 months notice during Elternzeit still stand in this case? Could they technically say he has to work the 3 months notice, or is that only if you resign during the Elternzeit, not before? I know you mentioned this doesn't usually happen and I hope they will just let it go, but would like what the official standing is just in case.   He has sent a formal written request for Elternzeit but hasn't received a written confirmation back yet, so would it be possible to just say he wants to resign and cancel his Elternzeit request? 
  2. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    @PandaMunich OK that's good to know, thank you. The baby is due early November but they've said they won't let me go past 41 weeks so he should definitely arrive before the end of the month. Thanks again for all your advice, it has been incredibly helpful during this stressful time.  
  3. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    @LeonG Yes this is what I was thinking. He only has 2.5 weeks of fully paid sick pay left for the stress/depression issue and if he goes to the doctor early next week then those 2.5 weeks would take him up to the end of October and the baby will be born by mid November so it would only be 2 or 3 weeks on the krankenkasse amount. Do you (or  @PandaMunich ) know if they count the 12 months previous salary for Elterngeld from the last full month of salary (so October in this case), or from the date of the baby's birth/elterngeld application (in this case taking into account the approx 2 or 3 weeks on krankenkasse). I don't think the 2/3weeks would make a huge difference, but I would like to understand how it all works. Thanks
  4. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    @PandaMunich ok I think I understand but his contract doesn't finish until end of February, so am I right in thinking technically if he doesn't resign beforehand they could expect him to come back after the 2 months of originally planned Elternzeit to work out that last month, unless his doctor also signs him off for that time as well?    @LeonG Thank you - so if his notice period is only a month, then he should wait until a month before his sick leave finishes to hand in his notice?   Thanks both for your advice!
  5. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    @PandaMunich Thank you so much for your comprehensive reply again!    I was just wondering, if my husband resigns on medical grounds, does the doctor sign him off for 6 weeks and then he hands in his resignation at the end of the 6 weeks,  or does he hand in his resignation on medical grounds at the beginning and then the 6 weeks starts from then? Does his employer pay for the 6 weeks? Just trying to get everything clear in my head, thank you.
  6. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    Hello @PandaMunich I was wondering if I could ask you a couple more questions? My husband's work did offer him a development meeting which seemed to go well but they have since started to put on a lot more pressure and suggested they won't renew his contract due to his sickness time, so we are now trying to finalise the best thing to do. He recently spoke to his doctor who was very supportive of starting the process of resigning on medical grounds. I wondered if the scenario below would work?  My husband resigns on medical grounds through his doctor, either very soon (if his doctor says it's a new issue) as there is a maximum of 6 weeks until the baby arrives, or closer to the due date (as he only has 2.5 weeks left of fully paid sick pay if it's for the same issue). He then claims Elterngeld for approximately 3 months so we can visit England with the baby. This would be based on his last 12 months of full salary. Then we come back to Germany and he can switch to Arbeitslosgeld and look for a new job.   We haven't been back to the UK since January 2020 and we'd really like to go back and visit our families with the baby but I read that you can't travel when claiming Arbeitslosgeld, but you can travel when claiming Elterngeld which is why I think this is the better option, rather than going straight to Arbeitslosgeld. Is this correct?   However, would that 3 months of Elterngeld then count towards his subsequent Arbeitlosgeld? If not, I thought it might be possible that he claims for a longer time of Elterngeld (which would be based on his 12 months of full pay up until the birth) and just look for a job during that time without the help of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit? Would that be allowed?   I really appreciate your help. Thank you!
  7. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    @PandaMunich Thank you so much for all the information and for the time you have spent in responding to me. I am going to spend some time reading through everything carefully and make a plan with my husband. We really appreciate your help!  
  8. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    @PandaMunich Apologies I hadn't read the entire thread you linked properly and I now see some of my questions are answered there regarding resigning on health grounds and being covered by unemployment immediately. I have suggested my husband goes to his doctor next week to discuss this option further. 
  9. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    @scook17 Thank you! I will make sure we do this asap, but we have to wait until the baby has arrived to apply for anything right? I have the form printed off already so will make sure everything is ready to go by the time the baby is here.
  10. What happens to family insurance if my husband loses his job?

    @PandaMunich   Thank you for your very comprehensive reply and all the information you provided! I'm very reassured that the health insurance will still cover us all.   Would it be ok to give you a little more detail and ask some more questions?    My husband was signed off for 3 weeks with stress, burnout and depression in late summer, he then immediately had a weeks holiday which had been booked for a while. He did email his manager and HR to say he would be happy to move the holiday as he'd been off for 3 weeks already but his manager told him he should take it as it was already arranged. He's now been back to work for a few weeks.   During the week of holiday he emailed his head of department and HR to formally request 2 months of Elternzeit - our baby is due early November and we knew we had to apply within a certain time frame, and we thought, perhaps mistakenly, that it would be better to request it earlier (only 2 weeks before the 7 week deadline though), than wait until he was back at work so the department would have more time to plan for it. We deliberately kept the email friendly and open to communication. He didn't get a reply for several days and, as I'm assuming because Elternzeit is a protected time, the reply email was ok, just saying thanks and we'll speak about it when he gets back.   When my husband went back to work he had a meeting with his manager - the official line was to discuss how he could help him after being off sick. My husband explained how he had been feeling and asked for some more support from management but his manager refused and said he needed to sort it out himself, and then basically said he didn't think my husband was fit for the job. It's complicated but my husband started at the company in one role, and then at the beginning of this year they told him they were restructuring the department and he would need to reapply for a new position (basically the same role but with more responsibilities) and that the new role was going to be advertised externally. This was a big stress for my husband particularly as I was newly pregnant and if he didn't apply he would've been out of a job.   In the end he was offered the job in March and in May this year my husband was given a glowing appraisal and the highest level of performance related bonus pay (all approved by his manager) so I don't believe his manager's current attitude is actually to do with my husband's capability to do the job, but more to do with the fact he took 3 weeks off sick and then asked for 2 months Elternzeit within a 6 month period. My husband spoke to HR and their attitude was 'what do you want us to do about it?' and 'you have to think about whether this role is right for you.' Two other people in his department have been signed off sick within the last 6 months, there is a culture of overworking and issues not being dealt with. Also, on a personal note we have had a really tough year as I had a stillbirth at the end of 2020 just before the 8 month lockdown, so we've both had a lot to deal with and emotionally it's been very difficult.   I read last night that my husband is protected from dismissal now until after his Elternzeit period, but he is really struggling to go in every day and is completely demoralised. I suggested that he try to be signed off work again, but it could be still several weeks until the baby arrives and I don't know if the doctor would sign him off for the whole time (about max. 7 weeks now). If he took more sick leave and then had to go back to work again before the baby arrives I think his manager will be even more angry about it and it will be even more difficult for my husband. Plus we don't know when the baby will actually arrive and if he arrives early I don't know whether the sickness time/pay would affect my husband's Elternzeit (for example if he was signed off for 7 weeks and the baby arrives in 5 weeks?)   After reading your reply I was thinking that perhaps resigning now would be a good option - would he need support from his doctor in order to get unemployment immediately? I'm slightly nervous about this route as we have savings but if for some reason he isn't covered immediately money would be extremely tight, and I worry our health insurance wouldn't be covered until his unemployment started just before I'm about to give birth.   I also have a few questions about Elterngeld - I thought I'd lay them out to try and make them less confusing! Am I correct in thinking if he resigns now, he can apply for Elterngeld as an unemployed person and could claim up to 12 months (from when the baby arrives)? If he stays in his job, and takes the 2 months Elternzeit, can he then resign at the end of the Elternzeit and still be entitled to Elterngeld for furter months as an unemployed person, or does he need to apply for 12 months Elterngeld when the baby is born with the intention of leaving work after 2 months? I read if he wants to leave at the end of the Elternzeit he needs to give 3 months notice, but what happens if you are only taking 2 months off? I read that Elterngeld can take a while to come through - how does this work with unemployment money? Would he receive unemployment money until the Elterngeld payments start? Would we have to notify the Bundesagentur fur Arbeit or does this happen automatically? I'm trying to work out the best way to move forward, to ensure that we are able to cover our bills and expenses and to protect my husband's mental health, particularly as we are about to have a newborn baby added to the mix.   After his Elternzeit finishes he would have approximately 1 month to go until the end of the contract, but I don't think it's even worth sticking that out. I think the options are: He gets signed off until the baby arrives, takes the Elternzeit from work but hands in his resignation during the Elternzeit period and then claims the Elterngeld as unemployed. He resigns now and claims unemployment (but I am nervous this maybe refused) and then claims Elterngeld once the baby arrives. I know it's a lot of questions sorry, I would just really like to not have to worry about all this and just enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy! I would really appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Thank you!
  11. My husband is 18 months into a 2 year fixed term employment contract and is having issues with a toxic work environment and has been signed off sick with burnout, stress and depression. He is insured with public health insurance and has been since he started working here. I am insured through his family insurance. If his employer decides not to continue with the contract when it finishes, or to fire him before the contract ends I think my husband can claim unemployment and his health insurance is covered, but does that include my cover with the family insurance? I'm pregnant and worried I won't have appropriate cover if this happens.    *Also just to note, we are planning to move away from Germany once the contract finishes but due to pregnancy complications I can't travel and I need to have the baby here in Germany before we can move*