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  1. Calling all Sociology grads...

    How's the salary? Does it fulfill the blue card minimum?
  2. I may have misunderstood something. But I don't see the problem why. The previous poster got his certificate. If he's procrastinating filing the exmatriculation, it doesn't mean he should get 3 months permit for free. I'm pretty sure he's working/looking for a job during that 3 months.
  3. I must ask, what's the problem with that? 
  4. Did the ABH or the university say anything? Kinda interested about the topic.
  5.   Hi, if you don't mind me asking, does Berlin also have similarly strict pension requirements for citizenship? I'm aiming for a German citizenship and currently deciding which city to move to. 
  6. What did the ABH say?
  7. Help with handwritten Lebenslauf

      Just do what they ask? I'm sorry, but how can we know what your ABH asked if you didn't tell us?
  8. Letter from employer for Naturalization

    Won't it help in terms of showing integration for the application after 6 years ?
  9. German Citizenship Hamburg

    Did you ask your ABH? I'm kinda curious how strict the Hamburg one is.
  10. German citizenship after 6 years

    @aachenerheld, I'm just saying it's silly because since I already have a B1 certificate, I can't take advantage of the 7 years rule. Unless if I take the whole integration course, both the orientation and language components. At least in Aachen. 
  11. German citizenship after 6 years

      Yeah, very silly. I'll take note not to pursue citizenship at Aachen.   Thanks for the info, @aachenerheld.
  12. Did it work out in the end? 
  13. So something like a PhD doesn't work? Even for PhD students holding a blue card?
  14. Problem with Residence extention

    What did the ABH say in the end? Is it possible to do the exam with a tourist visa? Like you leaves the country and come back just for the exam. Then enter the uni one semester late. Because processing a new student visa must take months.
  15. Aufenhaltskarte: proof of funds requirement

      Hi, I don't really understand. But are you saying the ABH at Berlin is slow at processing the cases?   Just curious, is there the same problem with other bigger cities with a large number of immigrants?