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  1.   The way OP worded it, it's like OP's wife got NE based on 60 months minus 1 year maternity leave (48 months) of pension contributions.
  2. Good questions, @OlegZ. I'm curious about the answers too.
  3.   I think we had threads about Berlin, where freelancers need to pay into private pension scheme to fulfill the 60 months requirement. But in those cases, it was suggested by the Berlin's officials themselves if I understand correctly. 
  4. Ausländerbehörde (ABH)   I mean ask the foreigner's office at Rathaus. But realistically speaking, I'd guess a lot of German uni graduates don't work in a field that is directly related to their degrees. Certain degrees just don't have a great job market.
  5. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    @NavNat Well, the 21 months rule applies for blue card holder. So I'd assume it only counts the time when you hold the blue card. But just ask the ABH, and share us their answer. 
  6. I'm also interested in the topic. Did you ask your ABH? 
  7. I found this thread from the complaint about Baron here: I guess, you can't just trust recommendations from online strangers.   
  8. @kapil354 I don't see the problem writing your 3 months stay in Bremen. What's your worry?
  9. If you live in Germany and work in Luxembourg, aren't you supposed to pay German taxes? 
  10.   Yeah, I suppose, there are just more foreigners in Berlin. So you hear more horror stories from Berlin on this forum.
  11. Einbürgerung in 7 years

    Isn't that only for the permanent residence? Isn't the problem with citizenship application that Bavaria and Sachen don't consider study time? But in other states, the whole study time counts toward the requirement for a citizenship application. That's my impression anyways from this forum and info4alien.   edit:   I'd guess another problem is how many months of pension contribution that particular ABH wants. It seems some are very flexible, but others want at least 5 years/60 months of pension contribution. Again just from reading the forums.