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  1. Yep, and yet DHL is still better than the rest. At least in my city. The usual justification is postmen are overworked and underpaid.  Had shitty experience at post office and Postbank too. I guess they are also overworked and underpaid.
  2. *shrug* As I said, he can try, just don't expect too much.  International students get screwed in many ways. Others, including me, have tried to challenge it. Legally too. And yet shady student dorms still exist everywhere in Germany. They may have shit google reviews, but usually new international students just don't have a choice. Even worse when your university's accommodation office actually works with these shady student apartments. 
  3. As others have said, the usual order is try to get the legal advice from Studentenwerk -> Mieterverein -> real lawyer.  But anecdotally, they didn't really help when I was in a similar situation. In a very shady and expensive private student dorm. And since the people above didn't help and actually screw me in other ways, I consider the Studentenwerk legal advisor, Mieterverein, and lawyers in my city pretty shady too.  But that's another story.  Fighting these assholes legally is not worth it. You can try, just don't expect too much.  I hope you find a better place soon.
  4. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    It seems a bit cherry-picking. Considering they have less restrictions with no lockdown, Sweden doesn't do that badly by comparison.  Again, just a single country. So no real conclusion whether lockdown is good or not. A lot of other factors.  But people really like to see Sweden fail. Not very nice imo. It's real deaths after all.       
  5. Seems this revenge will only to lead to more problems. 
  6. School visa requirements

          I think it's a good idea to check websites like stepstone first for the job market of such degree.   
  7. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    That's not very nice, dude.
  8. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    From what I can tell @Maaxxx is right. I couldn't find the WHO data he referenced. But according to the following data, Sweden is doing alright considering the minimal restriction: Unless statista is very untrustoworthy, I personally would call it a success. An according to him, the latest weekly data is even better.   Dunno how the economics is doing over there.  I tried googling "sweden success coronavirus". But couldn't find anything. There was this article though: It's very strange, like borderline propaganda in comment section and in the article itself.   Since it's just one country and it has restrictions just not a full lockdown, it's obviously unscientific to say no lockdown works.  But objectively, the numbers don't seem bad.   
  9. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    Ew. It’s unfortunate. But some people just don’t take the pandemic seriously.   I mean a lot of people died. Seems like psychopathic behavior.
  10. Gym/Clever Fit wants to collect nonexistent debt

    So many horror stories with gyms and ISPs.
  11. Einbürgerung in 7 years

      @Ashvath I think you missed this part. 
  12. B1 is better than nothing.   Just be honest.   I don’t think writing your resume/cover letter in German is such bad idea. Just ask for feedback from a German friend/job counselor/online.
  13. Fake Google Reviews

    Yeah, unfortunately personal recommendation from friends/people you know is still the best way to go. Especially in this internet age.   Google, yelp, jameda, amazon, etc., all websites are full of fake reviews.  
  14. I guess I forgot to mention it.  But video chat Postident through the app didn't work. They just referred me back to Postident at a physical office.  The video chat for N26 also didn't work despite their website claiming my passport is accepted. Not sure if they used WebID, IDnow or something else. 
  15. Just out of curiosity, I tried to use the Postident app using my eAT. It works for congstar. But doesn't work for bank-related stuffs.  In person, nothing works, they told me to try the video chat actually.  As suggested above, probably need to go to a larger post office and even then probably depends on the mood of the employee.