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  1. Anyone living in Germany but working remotely?

    This is amazing! It is EXACTLY the info I have been looking for but not knowing how to frame my searches I have been chasing my tail a bit. Thank you so much. Sorry it’s taken me so long to acknowledge- I had my notifications screwed up and didn’t see it until just now. I feel very reassured and am so grateful! 
  2. Anyone living in Germany but working remotely?

    Hi all. Grateful to have found this helpful and reassuring thread. My husband will continue working for his US-based employer for a few months after we arrive in Germany. At first I thought he should just continue to be paid here in the US and bring the money in as savings/capital but it seems like we’d be letting ourselves in for a world of hurt re insurance, social security and tax.   Three questions: 1 Am I reading right that most of you get paid by foreign employers into German bank accounts?   2 It seems like we would do best to get paid employer contributions and then take responsibility for taxes and insurance ourselves, so does anybody have a good link, please, for where I can find that sort of info? Is there some kind of hub? Thinking of calculators for tax and employer contributions etc. (Sorry if this is vague- it still seems more complicated than I have my head around.)   3 Someone mentioned umbrella companies a couple of years ago. Seems like that might be a smart solution if the setup isn’t very expensive (because this will be short term.) Does anyone have any recommendations here, please, or alternatively for a good tax advisor who can help with these specific questions- I guess either here or in Germany.    TIA!