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  1. Can I go to klinikum directly now?

    Yup, I got the suppository inserted in the arse, but they are not working. I had to sit on the toilet rim in squat position for a little comfort.
  2. Can I go to klinikum directly now?

    Yup, but I am unable to bear the literal pain in the axss...So, wanna go to klinikum as tomorrow is Saturday, I can’t go to another doctor.
  3. Betriebsrat - works council

    Now I got to know what happened to my friend. He worked at airbus in another country and came here by applying job search visa. The previous bosses in airbus gave him a nice certificate and recommendations too. Now this German company happens to be a sub contractor of airbus, top management is happy to have him, the salary offered to him was 3,900€/ month.  But auslanderbehorde asked for 4200/4300 €. He informed company the problem, everyone in the top management agreed to hire him for 4300€/ month. But the workers council blocked it saying they can hire a local guy for much less. Finally he had to go through 4 months of nightmare for this job and 3 months of hardships to find another job which is ready to give him 4400/ month.   now, how can Germany expect the cream of the world to come here ?? If such bureaucratic nightmares exist in hiring a talented personal? Yes, they of course go for US/Australia/ Canada. Only the second rung talent comes here.
  4. Hi,   from past 3 weeks I am having a bad case of hemorrhoids, I went to the normal arzt, he gave me some creams, which didn’t work. So, he recommended to a specialist, also gave a recommendation. But the doctor he recommended is hospitalized and krank for three weeks.   Now, I directly want to go to klinikum, can I go there directly as I have the transfer certificate from my arzt ? Or should I only go the doctor he recommended? Daily I am going through hell while taking the nature call. It’s too painful to describe.