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  1. Deducting expenses previous to becoming a freelancer

    It was mostly for my main job home-office period but I already had an expectation to get the permission to freelance later in the year. I don't think I have means to prove this but still the furniture and equipment serve the same purpose both for my main job and for freelance. I don't have a steuerberater and in my town is very complicated to find one. Usually I refer to this forum for this kind of questions as it's usually more straightforward.
  2. Deducting expenses previous to becoming a freelancer

    Is the answer more complex than I imagine it is? Any input on this would be a huge help!
  3. Deducting expenses previous to becoming a freelancer

    Anyone? I appreciate any info on this.
  4. Hello,   I recently got a permission to become a freelancer (in parallel to my main job). Earlier this year I bought a few office furniture and equipment, like chair, desk, and some electronics. Can I deduct these expenses as a freelancer considering the products were bought before I officially became a freelancer?   Thank you!
  5. Work Visa + Social benefits

    Hello,   I have a work visa for about 2 years (and just got it renewed for 3 more). I've been working and paying all taxes and social security for about 3 years now (since I was a student). The other day I was told at the Ausländerbehörde that my work visa gives me no rights to earn social benefits. Does that mean that I can't benefit from unemployment insurance or pension even paying 400 euro/month for that?   Thank you!
  6. Hi,   I have a work visa and I'm allowed to have a formal full-time job and soon also to do freelance in my spare time. My question is regarding declaring both incomes.   - In the Ausländerbehörde they mentioned I might have to file 2 separate tax returns, is that correct? - Does one income affect the other or are they completelly independent? For example, if I earn 100k on my full-time job, does it count for the 22k revenue limit for freelancers to be exempt from charging VAT? Does the income tax affect the combined income or individually on each income? - Since I'll only be doing freelance in my spare time and probably not earn a lot, do I pay income tax if I earn less than 9k (considering I already earn more in my main job)?   Thank you, Luis Mesquita
  7. Hello!   I'd like to know if it's possible to have a work permit working for a company outside of Germany (still in the EU), but living here and paying all the taxes/social security here. I have a work permit that only allows me to work for my current employer for almost 2 years already. I also had a student visa for 2 years before that. I'll have to renew my work permit in September and I could apply for the residence permit but I don't have B1 german level yet (yeah I know...). In case I renew my work permit, is it possible to get extra freedoms (to work for international companies for example) considering I'm already working and paying taxes for 2 years?   Thank you!
  8. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

      I already have my employer's permission. About the brazilian passport, I believe the only simplification I get is as a tourist in the schengen area. I don't think I can have any other advantage. But at the same time, in September I'll have 2 years of work visa, which would allow me to apply for permanent residence but I don't have B1 german level (yeah I know...). Mby this helps getting some advantage when renewing my visa.
  9. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

      Good to know, thank you!
  10. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

      That would actually be the perfect solution. I tried contacting the AB a couple months ago exactly about that but got no reply. Might be worth a shot to try again.
  11. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

      It's a similar situation but in my case I'm the one doing all the work, which is why I'm concerned if it can lead to visa issues. Although I really can't imagine how authorities would identify that, unless I get paid in my german bank account.
  12. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

      I'm will declare my worldwide income, yes. I also have permission from my employer already. The problem is exactly that my visa doesn't allow me to freelance, and if I get the freelance visa I can't have my full-time job anymore. That's my question, if it won't have any clash with my normal work permit if I do the freelance through my brazilian company, and not as a Germany resident. Also since we came to this, if I get paid in Brazil and pay all the due taxes in both countries, can I bring the money to Germany without paying extra taxes (since it was already taxed)? Thanks for your time.
  13. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

      I'm aware, I still have to figure out how the taxation between both countries work though. But my main concern is if I work through my company could being an issue with my visa.
  14. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

      I think you missed the point. Like I said, I'm already doing my tax returns normally in both countries. The point is not about the taxes. I'll will pay any amount that has to be paid. My problem is specifically about the visa. I'm asking if this is a solution for doing freelance being physically living in Germany.
  15. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

    Can you please explain me why? Why would it be tax evasion if I'm doing the tax returns normally in the country that my company is located and where the money is being kept? I'm also doing my tax returns normally in Germany related to my full-time job. And why would this be violating the terms of my visa if the service is being made by my company? This would imply that I'm not allowed to have a company in another country.