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  1. Taxation on second job (class IV)

      It says: "Erwerbstätigkeit nicht gestattet. Beschäftigung als mitarbeiter im bereich XXXXX aufenthg gestattet." So I believe I have to notify them and ask for a rectification in my work permit?
  2. Taxation on second job (class IV)

    Hello,   Question 1: I currently earn 2800 euro/month in my full-time job and I pay social security normally. I just got offered a temporary contract (6 months) for 1400/month (my first employer already allowed me to take it). I imagine that this would be considered a second job as class 6. Do I have to pay social security also on this second job?   Question 2: I'm currently in Kurzarbeit in my main job. Would a second job affect this somehow (the amount of Kurzarbeitgeld I receive or the hours I can work)?   Question 3: I'm from Brazil, have a master's degree in Germany and now I have a normal work visa. Am I allowed to just take a second job any time without notifying the Ausländerbehörde or the Finanzamt if I stay under 10h work/day?   Thank you for the help, I really couldn't find this info anywhere else in english.