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  1. Can I work for a non-German company with my visa?

    Thank you @travelerworker @Dembo @Ashvath for the replies! I understand. I wish this was something that my Ausländerbehörde was better informed about. And yes, my intention is to work remote for any country around the world that offers me a good deal as I'm planning to move to Portugal soon-ish (in a year or two).    I already have permission to work as a freelancer as a side job. I have a full-time job in Germany and currently a freelance client from Canada. In case I find a full-time remote job then I think it's better if I just switch to the freelancer visa (I already asked the Ausländerbehörde and seems easy in my case) with a contract that looks more like a freelancer contract. It will be temporary anyway since I just got my Italian citizenship approved and might need to wait about 1 year for my documents so I won't need a visa anymore.   Thanks a lot for all the comments, really appreciate it! :)    
  2. Hi!   I currently have a work permit that doesn't specify if I can work for non-German companies as an employee. When I got the visa I asked and the answer from the Ausländerbehörde representative was "I don't know. This depends more on the Finanzamt.". Turns out the Finanzamt doesn't seem to care as long as you're paying all your taxes propperly. It's written like this in my Zusatzblatt:   "Selbstständige tätigkeit ist nur mit Zustimmung der Ausländerbehörde gestattet. / Beschäftigung gestattet. / Aufenthalt erlischt mit Bezug von Leistungen nach dem SGB II, SGB XII Wogg bzw. Asylblg." Can I have problems if I accept a contract from a non-German company? From what I understand it's not very clear and seems like I could work for anyone I want. Also, I read somewhere that in this case I have to bear all the social security by myself probably through TK, correct? I appreciate a lot any input! Best, Luis
  3. Online sales or subscriptions for freelancers

    Thank you for your insight! It definitely looks like different work activities, which also raises the question if I can be self employed and a freelancer at the same time.     On this note, I know people who consulted tax advisors to ask similar questions and the answers were always "I don't know". I'm afraid to pay for it and get the same answers. Would be great if someone could refer a tax advisor who's familiar with this kind of field.  
  4. Hi,   I'm a freelancer 3D artist working for film and especially games. Is it possible, as a freelancer, to earn income from subscription based websites like Patreon, revenue from Youtube videos or from online sales of digital goods (like 3D assets, textures, character models, etc)? Can I just declare this income normally as a freelancer or do I need to be registered as a different type of business?   Thank you, Luis Mesquita