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  1.   I regularly print the immoscout24 ad to PDF. I believe the ad says it's vacant (bezugsfrei).
  2.   I keep all the e-mails that the real estate agent sends me about setting up visitations. Is this enough, or should I also do something else?
  3.   Yes, of course. If he manages to kick us out based on this false claim, we will seek legal action if it turns out he sells it afterwards.
  4.   I guess it wasn't clear - the contract is unlimited in time, but there was a clause which prevented both sides from giving notice in the first 2 years. Also he pretends to want to give it to a family member - we just scheduled a visitation with potential buyers next week...
  5. Hello!   Short version: Our landlord is trying to sell the apartment we rent from him. Is there any legal reason that requires tenants NOT to point out flaws/faults/defects (including opinion-based ones) to potential buyers during visitations?   Long version: In 2019, we rented a freshly renovated apartment in an old building. We assume the apartment was bought as an investment. Now with the rent freeze and cap, the landlord probably decided it's no longer a profitable investment (rent dropped by about half), and is trying to sell it since early 2020. So far we've been nothing but accommodating - we almost never refuse a visitation, and when we do, we have a good reason. But recently, exactly 3 months before the mandatory 2 years in the contract end (in which both sides cannot back out of the contract), he served us a letter claiming "personal use" for a family member... We are STILL getting visitations and the apartment is still listed on https://www.immobilienscout24.de/. We hired a lawyer and won't back out that easily. So this is the cause of our initial question - he's making life hard for us, and we are wondering if it's legal to point out flaws/faults/defects (even opinion-based ones) to potential buyers during visitations? Don't get me wrong - the apartment is fine to rent, and we really don't want to search for a new one and move, especially in this market. But we would never buy it, since it's an old building, and we've lived long enough to spot issues that are a deal-breaker.