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  1. Thanks a lot @PandaMunich You have been very kind and generous with your help & advice. Now that I can figure out what the possibilities are, this is an aspect I need to think through with both sides of the family.
  2. It is indeed a pretty complex topic. Sharing some info (hopefully will be useful for someone, and I am anon here) They have been here thrice, twice full 3 months. It's the last few weeks when they really wanted to go back. +ves: their health had improved considerably each time and whenever they had company they were happy (kids, or other visitors from a similar backdrop). Vacations were tough for us as well as them (kids wanted to go skiing or tobogganing or biking, while parents needed something much more calmer). What would be ideal? Probably having the ability to switch between a short, fully assisted stay in India (short term care is more doable than a permanent solution) and a long stretch in DE. I don't know yet.
  3. That would be taking it to the extreme a bit. €600K is a lot of money. I guess a less painful option would be EU free movement option (moving to a commutable place like AT, NL, FR or BE area near the DE border and inviting them there).
  4. My bad, I never thought this would be possible for non-EU elderly. How did she manage to get the health insurance coverage for longer period? But thank you, this is yet another path that needs to be explored.
  5. Ha ha, I guess that would be considered as being naughty, especially when they can't show any progress even after 3 months.
  6. Thank you @PandaMunich You have addressed the issue from a qualitative perspective that I still need to pay a lot of attention to. It's still a slowly developing situation for me. Simple things like taking a vacation would be so much more taxing then. But I need to ponder over this aspect further.   I still need to evaluate the financial & bureaucratic feasibilities before working on the alternative solutions. I would again be grateful for your inputs. 1. Financials:  When the issue is forced, I still see EU Free movement rights in a health-insurance friendly country (NL, AT, FR...) for a year or two as an option before moving back all together to DE. Is there anything I am overlooking here? It's a lot of work for two years, but an option nonetheless.   India has no formal old-age care infrastructure, and many of the private initiatives are riddled with fraud and abuse, with gross negligence (sometimes even physical abuse) in caregiving while charging a hefty sum. Finding a good care facility is a needle/haystack phenomenon. Hence I am looking at all the options now.
  7. I think my assumptions are not that far off:
  8. I assume this is discounting the financial aspect, purely on the conditions of the parents. Again, I am afraid you might be right, because there is no set definition for exceptional hardship.
  9. Just putting my thoughts out there (for anyone reading in 2031 or so...) regarding the costs: The insurance costs PLUS a maintenance support cost (for 2021 it is 9744€ per person) - Unterstützungsleistungen und Unterhaltungszahlungen for your direct family members, parents included -  do receive a tax relief. So, it isn't financially as bad as it might at first appear (I mean, if 900€ Basistarif is somehow obtained, then a good portion of this plus 9744€ get a tax relief): If you are somewhere close to 40% tax bracket, you are almost covering 70-80% of the PKV premium payments from this tax relief. Per person. I hope my assumptions here are correct.  
  10. Absolutely. Corona has changed everything for us in terms of planning: they were fiercely (and happily) independent so far, but are now afraid that if one might depart and leave the other one to cope. Well, that'd be a situation for me to handle very differently, but I am trying my best to avoid the heartburn. After all, what's life without the consequences of choices we make!
  11. Thanks for the info, but not really an option for me: Poland is as far as Mumbai is when it comes to having to make efforts to reach them. A full-service apartment in India would cover the needs to a similar extent, but culturally, it isn't an easy option, especially the more they have to depend on others, the more they want us to be the ones with them.
  12. Thanks a lot JohnG  🙏 🙏 Uff, 1800€ a month itself is almost 60% of one netto salary. Hopefully, if tax relief can be claimed on this, I could still afford this. Now §36.2 is set up in a way to protect the drain on the resources, the bar is way too high. But it still is a ray of hope. Hoping to hear some info from @engelchen The lawyer I spoke to is non-committal in taking up the case and is saying it's a 50% chance. Would really love to hear a second opinion before pushing the papers. 
  13. Hi,   I did as much research as I could (info4alien, frag-einen-anwalt etc and here as well) but did not find all the info I needed. Any kind soul providing some info would really be helpful. Thank you for your time. My situation: (newly crowned) German citizen, with decent financial situation (both my wife and I work in IT field). Only child to my parents. What I am trying to achieve: Trying to bring my old aged parents from India with deteriorating health made worse by helplessness during long periods of COVID lockdowns in India. Father: 80yo - 50% vision and hearing loss, diabetic, but otherwise healthy & mobile; Mother: 75yo, high degree of mobility challenges due to arthritis in almost all joints & osteoporosis, blood pressure & mild asthma added to it. Now with the threat of COVID infection looming, their day-to-day life is at the mercy of ecommerce service providers. Questions: 1. Has anyone succeeded appealing under §36.2 of AufenthG proving "außergewöhnliche Härte"? Do you see above mentioned grounds are good enough to prove this? 2. I know private health insurance for old aged persons could be exorbitantly high. But I read somewhere that all PKVs are bounded by law to provide a Basis Tarif (could @john g. kindly throw some light on this?). Also, since I will be paying for these, do you know if I can obtain tax relief for these amounts?   If this fails, I see only two possibilities: 1. Go back or make some sort of dual-living arrangements; 2. Shift to another EU country and insist on the EU free movement rights to bring the parents here. Both of these are a heavy burden on the overall family, so still trying my luck with the straight forward case.   Thanks a ton! Mario